Claiming What’s Mine New Release from Jordan Silver

June 21, 2019

I wanted her the first moment I laid eyes on her, but she was already taken. For two years I stood by, dying inside each time I saw them together but I’m not the kind of man to dishonor another, so I walked away. Now he’s gone, taking the easy way out and leaving her to clear his debt. I will take care of it, with one condition. That she becomes completely mine.An obsessive possessive passion romance

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  1. Sonia said:

    I love how your email makes me drop everything am doing and running to your site like I can’t breath without seeing what new treat you have …
    Makes my heart beat faster than when I had my first kiss


    1. Anonymous said:

      I thought I was the only one who lost it


  2. Kathy said:

    Thank you very much Mama Butterfly for this new release. I just bought it and can’t wait to read it.


  3. Mckennie78 said:

    I’m so damn happy I might cry. Seriously.


  4. Valerie Horton said:

    Got it, what a nice surprise. Thank you.


  5. Trina Savage said:

    Welcome back Queen I’m almost down the knew book copped it when I got the notice


  6. Jadelyn Cinn said:

    I got the notification and it took my breath away. Be encouraged. You are loved for all the inspiration, thrills and wonders you give us with each story.


  7. Linda said:

    Welcome back Jordan , thank you for this new story , already one clicked it, can’t wait to sit down with cup of tea and get lost in your fabulous imagination . Thank you in advance cause I know it will be awesome….. hope you are doing well now.


  8. Sherilyn St. Louis said:

    Yay!!!! Oh how I’ve missed your writing my dear!!! Can’t wait to one click this and dive in!!!!


  9. Sharon said:

    I purchased it today at word today


  10. Sharon said:

    i got the book today


  11. rebecca826 said:

    Purchased and reading already! Yay! I really hope you are doing ok and feeling better Jordan! Thank you so much for everything!


    1. Anonymous said:

      thanks butterfly I’m hanging in there


  12. said:

    The book was awesome, hope you are feeling better


  13. Anthea said:

    Just bought cannot wait to start. Stupid working life……….lol. Have to wait 7hrs before i can start reading.


  14. Tracy said:

    Miss you mama B but so loved this book. Can’t wait for more.


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