Book 3 of the SEAL Team Seven Series

After being separated for almost two years, Zak finally has his girl back and this time this ex SEAL has no intentions of letting her go again. She’d ran scared because she couldn’t handle his over possessiveness and the way she thought he wanted to rule her life, but two years apart had shown her that she couldn’t live without him. There was just one thing, a secret that could tear them apart for good.

“You f**ked up royally, I don’t even know what to say to you and she isn’t mine. You shoulda known he was gonna go ape shit.” I was sitting in Logan and Gaby’s kitchen trying to come to terms with the scene that had just unfolded outside. Yes I had expected Zak to be pissed, but I hadn’t expected the look of unbridled hatred in his eyes. I wasn’t sure I would ever overcome that, and now he had my daughter, and had locked himself away in his house. I felt the disappointment from the men around me, even as Gaby, Dani and even little Susie hung close and tried to offer me comfort.

“I know you’re all mad at me, but try to understand, I didn’t do this to hurt him…”

“This is a conversation you’re gonna have to have with him. We’re not gonna go against him in this and you know that. I don’t know your reasons for doing what you did, but I do know my brother, and right now, you’re f**ked. There’s no point in me sugar coating that s*it. Just take a deep breath, accept that you were wrong, and know that he’s not gonna be satisfied until he gets his pound of flesh.”

“But that’s not fair…”

“Nessa, you had his f**king kid and didn’t tell him, do you not know who the f**k you’re dealing with here?”

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