The Unconventional Mistress

Jonas Sutton has just made top five on the richest men in the world list. However, he’s not done. His drive makes it hard for him to relax and enjoy life outside the boardroom. So, when his mom calls with an invitation to a charity auction, he has no interest at all. But years of discipline has taught this son never to disappoint the woman who gave him life. So, as bored as he’s expecting the evening to be, he decides to put in an appearance if only to appease his mom. Little did he know that his life would be changed forever.

Stephanie Sellers aka Parsons is just trying to get her lingerie designs off and running, so when a friend who was supposed to model one of those designs, flakes out at the last minute, this bold and brash plus-size beauty decides to take the stage herself. She never imagined that when she hammed it up for the hottie in the audience that she’d end up being his date for the evening. She wasn’t even part of the auction…

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