The Thug, Bastard, Killer

Books 1-3 of the Bad Boys Series

This anthology includes:

The Thug

Giovanni Bianchi is a thug, that’s what he is, that’s what he does. When he overhears the hot little number over the wire at one of his clubs saying what she’d like to do with and to him, his curiosity gets the better of him and he takes a look.
Now he’s bound and determined to own her.

Alexandra Conti is a good girl. The daughter of a cop, she’s learned to tow the line. But she can’t resist the allure of Bad Boy Gio. She has no idea that while she and her best friend had been sneaking into his club, that he’d had her in his cross hairs. How will she handle it when she finds herself stashed away in his house, and he claims he plans to keep her…? For good


Xander Kostanidis is a bastard and he knows it. He pretty much don’t give a damn what anyone thinks about him one way or the other, so it’s ccol. Now he’s decided that it’s time to get started on his dynasty and he needs to find a nice, pure virgin; because his mother would skin him if he got one of his usual skanks in the family way.

When he catches sight of the lovely Bianca on the street one day, he sets out to…acquire her, by fair means or foul.

The Killer

Gianni Callieri is a SEAL, but he’s also the grandson of a very prominent member of the underworld. When someone puts a hit out on his family, he has no choice but to resign his commission. Everyone in the family knows, that although he’s not the eldest son, he’s been handpicked by his grandfather to take over when he’s gone.

On his quest to eliminate the ones responsible for the hit, he takes out the commissioner of police, but there’s only one problem. The daughter’s there and she sees it all. Now Gianni has taken her hostage and there’s only one of two things he can really do here. Kill her or marry her…

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