The Throwbacks

The title says it all! The heroes in the stories told here all have some pretty old world ideas when it comes to loving their women. And though their relationships may have all started out unconventionally, they do get their happily ever after in the end. Because love can be found even in the darkest places.

Author’s Note: This compilation is meant for adults only.

This 80,000 word work of fiction may contain subject matter and situations between grownups that some may not find entertaining. If you are easily offended by suggestive dark interactions between men and women, then please go no farther.


Royce Carstairs had one thing on his mind when he sought her out, revenge. While he was off saving the world, someone had taken everything that meant anything to him. Now after a year of planning, he was ready to put his plan in motion. He hadn’t meant to fall for her, she was supposed to be a means to an end. But after they meet he finds in her, something more than the cold vengeance he’d been after.

Home on The Range:

Carter Payne is a man who likes to keep to himself. He has a very low tolerance for ignorance and so he chooses to stick to the shadows. Raised pretty much off the grid his whole life, he tends to see things a little different from most.

Now that he’s all alone after the death of his old man, he’s thinking it may be time to find him some company. Seeing as he’s a throwback to the old days, he’s more interested in doing things the old fashion way.


He’s a recluse with a chip on his shoulder and everyone knows to stay far away. She’s just out for a hike her first time away from home. When she gets snared in a trap on the remote property, she smiles in relief when she sees the hot and rugged stranger she believes is coming to her rescue. Her relief is short-lived when she realizes he has other plans.

Sweet Vengeance:

Nico Rosetti is back on American soil after years in exile by the father who was trying to save him from himself. The only problem, Nico got into more trouble in the jungles of Central America than he ever could back in the states. Now a man with his own wealth and power, the breach between father and son has been healed, but now someone has sent the old man to an early grave and Nico’s seeking revenge.

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