The Brit

Jonathan Smothers is in the States on business. This high born Brit isn’t looking for hearth and home across the pond, but he wouldn’t mind taking the cute little waitress for a spin on his downtime. When he makes her an indecent proposal, he’s not prepared for the shock he finds once he has her beneath him. Now this hard-nosed bachelor finds his life turned upside down when the little Yank pulls a fast one and works her way into his heart.

Joanna thought she was doing a pretty good job of hiding her mini crush on the handsome, but reserved Englishman; until the day she caught a glimpse of the dragon tail of his tattoo peeping out from under the cuff of his thousand dollar suit. Now she’s out of her depth and the attraction she’s been keeping in check decides to make itself known in the most embarrassing way. When he propositions her instead of alerting her boss to her faux pas, she must decided what to do. Give in to her baser needs and run the risk of ruining her reputation? Or take this chance of a lifetime with the only man to ever make her wonder what it would be like to take a ride on the wild side?


Double Shot

Bad boy cop Dominic is a lady’s man. He has no intentions on tying the marriage noose around his neck, and there isn’t a skirt around that can make him change his mind. But what’s a guy to do when the most unassuming little debutante brings him to his knees with a scientific anomaly? He’s pretty sure the phenomena won’t be repeated with anyone else and he needs to find out how she did it? How she made him shoot twice in one go…

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