The Billionaire’s Wife

Have you ever seen someone so beautiful that you had to possess them? That face in the crowd that stood out and called to something inside of you; something so primal you felt it in your very depths?

Chance Winthrop was looking for a way out. He was two steps away from heading out of town, trying to evade the trap of marriage to the woman his mother had chosen for him. A woman that he wasn’t in love with and wasn’t even sure he liked. Just as he was about to slip the noose business stalled him in the city…it was the best thing that could ever happen to him, because that’s when he saw her from afar. The woman who would win his heart with just one look and make him move heaven and earth to keep her. But first he has to find her.

She was just a face in the crowd, but her beauty stayed with him long after she was gone. He didn’t give their differences a second thought, didn’t think of the drama that would unfold when he took her home, all he knew is that he wanted her at all cost and nothing was going to stop him.

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