The Bad Boys Of Capitol Hill

Four short stories of men of power and the women they control.

The Intern

When the young intern decides that she’s tired of the sexy young president paying more attention to her colleagues, her ploy to get his attention by flirting backfires when he squires her away to his secret cabin for a wild weekend of debauchery.

The President’s Daughter

When he’s called up to protect the first daughter Kevin Jackson is not amused. He’s heard nightmare stories of the young girl’s exploits, but that doesn’t stop these two hotheaded lovers from giving into temptation.

Having The Senator’s Daughter

He’d rebuffed her three years ago when she was too young to understand what she wanted. Now she’s back and finds herself sneaking into his room in the middle of the night. What’s he to do when the spanking she so richly deserves doesn’t sway her?

The President’s Secret

As a man of immense power, the single president needs a little more than a roll in the hay to get him off. He finds just what he needs in the arms of one of his senior advisors, only now his handlers are trying to force him to marry someone else. But who can he give up the sweet relief he’s found in this one woman’s arms?

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