Strangers In The Night: My Broken Heart, Prey, Predator

This work is a compilation of dark erotica. Three tales told from the male perspective. In My Broken Heart, Hollywood heartthrob Dylan Constantine is having a heck of a time accepting that his lover and fellow star Rebecca Stevens has been caught in a rather compromising position with a fellow co-star. His mind, in order to deal with the betrayal, takes him on a journey into darkness. A journey that involves kidnapping her and holding her hostage until he gets her with child.


A very wealthy man who cannot find female companionship because of the size of his organ, whose family legend holds that there will be one woman made specifically for him has given up all hope. That is, until he scents her while vacationing in the Louisiana Bayou on a hot summer day. He knows for the legend to come to pass, he must first go to her under cover of night. She cannot know him until the time is right, but in the meantime his goal is to get her with child to bind them together, to leave his scent in her, so that she would find her way home.


He sees her, he wants her, he can’t have her; she’s engaged. Billionaire Josiah Steel doesn’t care much for the word no, so when the young woman he meets and has a strong reaction to tells him in all innocence that she’s meeting her fiancé, he hides his disappointment well, but he in no means gives up.

Climbing through her bedroom window at night is just the beginning. Before he’s through he will own her body and soul; and if he has to get her with child to solidify his cause, well then…

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