Southern Heat

When Emily Dubois’ dad’s business starts to fail, he comes up with a great solution. He needs money and billionaire Jet Durant needs a wife. It’s a win win, or so the two men thought. They hadn’t banked on Ms. Emily putting up a stink and refusing the man she called a redneck hick. Jet wasn’t about to let the little filly that he was after slip through his fingers, so he came up with a plan. What if he should just lock Ms. Emily and himself up in her bedroom for a week? with no one else around?

Fire works and spankings abound in this fiery tale of passion and surrender.

I saw him as he came from the oil fields, his arms and the legs of his jeans covered in oil and grime.

His strong muscles bulged beneath the tight tee he wore, as he moved like the panther I’d secretly deemed him.

“Mercy. ” The heartfelt whisper carried on the wind. He gave me his rakish smirk as he drew near.

“You say something sugar?”

“No not a word.” My heart was beating me to death.

“Oh, I thought I heard you ask for mercy, but you already know I have none.”

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