Book 2 of the Passion Series

Matthew Steele is over it already. His last year of high school behind him and college looming ahead, the young heartthrob should be enjoying his last summer of freedom. Instead he’s nursing a broken heart from the deception of the girl he thought he knew, until she started a campaign of destruction against his younger brother Josh and his new love. Now his brother is happy with his new bride, but Matt finds himself as a loss.

Everything he’d planned for his future has gone up in smoke. He’s mad as hell at the world and he damn sure wasn’t looking for romance, as far as he was concerned women were off the market.

Then she walked in and once again his plans are knocked off kilter; but this time he has his head on straight. He has no intentions on losing his heart to anyone ever again, no matter how much she makes him want.

Kadyn Daniels has come home to Sea Crest after years away. The young beauty is running from a horror no young girl should ever have to endure but she finds shelter in the little town where she’s helping her old man run the town’s only local diner. Still wary and looking over her shoulder, she’s in no way ready for the way her traitorous heart reacts to the elusive Matthew Steele. With her dreams of happily ever after shattered, could she risk opening herself up to more heartache?

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