Nocturnal Love

A Whispering Willow Supernatural Romance

In the small town of Whispering Hollow strange things are happening.

He comes to me in the night
When I moved to the sleepy little town to inherit the house a long forgotten great aunt left me I never expected my life to change so drastically. I’d settled in, felt welcomed by all, except for the elusive billionaire who seemed to be the only one not thrilled to have me here. So why then is he the one I dream of? Night after night, the most vivid and intense dreams that leave me breathlessly wanting for more.

I see her in my dreams
Can someone please tell me, why the woman I have no uses or during my waking hours has suddenly become the only thing I dream of? It’s happening more and more of late and I can’t seem to stop myself. Some of the most intense dreams that seem so real that upon awakening I find myself reaching out for her. Now the dreams are no longer enough as I’ve grown an obsession to be near her always and the need seems to come from a place deep inside.

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