Night Visits

Tamara is a young kindergarten school teacher who has moved to get away from a relationship that went south. She’s barely settled into her new home when the visits from her night creeper begins. She knows it’s wrong, she senses the danger; but she’s never felt anything like this one man can make her feel. Should she turn him into the authorities or allow herself one more night of unbridled passion in the arms of the man that makes her body sing?

Donovan Maglioni comes from a plane outside the earth’s atmosphere. As ruler of his people he is much revered and sought after by many, but as is the way with his kind, he can only bond for all eternity with his true mate. He’s known for some time that his chosen was of the earth. A place far removed, peopled by lesser beings who had lost their favor.

From her birth he has watched over her secretly from the shadows, until it was time to take her. Legend has to be fulfilled after all and this woman was to bear his child, the new empress of Seraphia, the land of his birth.

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