My Ward My Woman

After an accident took the lives of his friend and his wife years ago, Solomon found himself the new guardian of the very hurt and frightened Alexandra. As unsure of himself as he was, he did a fine job raising the little angel whom he called his doll. She was sweet and even tempered and never gave him a moment’s trouble. That is until her eighteenth birthday when either the punch had been spiked or someone pulled a switch. The once obedient, well mannered child, had suddnely become a hellion with the body of a siren and the tongue of a wasp. Now he finds himself hiding out at the office to avoid going home where the temptation was getting to be too much. But there was no hiding from Alexandra. She’d made up her mind what she wanted and since she already had him wrapped around her finger, she knew it would only be a matter of time before he gives into her. After all he’s always given her what she wanted.

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