My Little Book of Spicy Tales

Volume 1

A collection of eleven erotic short stories of differing themes all featuring Obsessive, possessive heroes and younger women.

My Father’s Boss

He’s there on a business trip staying overnight, her coy looks and flirtatious come ons lead him to enter the darkness of her bedroom where he teaches her just what happens to naughty little girls who play with fire.

Forbidden Fruit

She’s the caretaker’s daughter a little young when they first meet so he watches and waits no matter how much she begs. When the time is right he takes her as they both give in to the lust of the forbidden.


What happens when a young wife out on a school assignment with a friend gets caught by her husband wrapped up in that friend’s arms? Will he believe their tale of just an innocent sharing of body heat or will he exact retribution.

The Handmaiden

It’s another time, a time when the wealthy hired women of lesser birth as breeders; what happens when this young breeder decides she wants it all? Will she convince the man who is supposed to be using her body not for pleasure but for the purpose of bearing his seed to leave his wife? To go against tradition?

Enjoy these tales and many more

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