My Little Book of Spicy Tales

Volume 2

A compilation of erotic shorts

Story 1

A scientist who just patented the hottest new fertility drug happens across a young girl while she’s out shopping with her stepmother who isn’t very kind to her. Something about the girl’s innocent air touches something in him and he decides he can kill two birds with one stone. If he takes her, he’d surely be taking her away from a life of misery if the spectacle he’s just witnessed was any indication of her life at home. And he’d have the added bonus of seeing his drug at work firsthand.

Story 2

Her dad destroyed his, now he’s out for revenge.He’s not satisfied with just taking the other man’s business and making him nothing more than his lackey. He’s set his sites on his enemy’s lovely untouched daughter who will be anything but once he’s done.

Story 3

It was supposed to be just a visit to the doctor for the shy young girl, but somewhere the waiting room and the stirrups she meets the doctor’s eyes and her body ceases to be her own. The fact that her submissive nature is just perfect for his predilections gets her in even more trouble once he taps into her need to please him in all ways.

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