Loving The Enemy

When Emily Bronsons’ daddy dies, this daddy’s girl and darling of the social set finds herself broke and alone, except for a mother who’s always been neglectful at best. She’s had to release the household staff and is down to selling her designer rags to keep her head above water.

She blames one man for all her troubles. The man who’d taken over her family’s business. The business that was supposed to be her inheritance.

Jason Storm is a businessman through and through. Having grown up lower middle-class, he’s always had a hunger for more. He certainly had no time for love and all its trappings and he definitely didn’t have time for the pain in the ass social ditz, who kept coming to his office with wild accusations of what she thinks he did to bring about her old man’s demise. But as time goes by he gains a new respect for the headstrong girl, who refuses to back down, even in the face of his renowned anger.

Can these two put their differences aside and come together, or is their mutual antagonism destined to keep them apart?

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