Jealous Alpha

My woman! Many had vied for her position, some had spent years trying to get my notice without any luck. My position and wealth was a huge draw for some, my looks another. She was the first woman not to give a damn about either.

Is that why I’d fallen for her so easily? Was it her aloof manner that enticed me, drew me to her? Is it the constant wondering of whether or not she’d been that way with him that kept this jealousy alive?

As to that, I’ve never harbored jealousy or envy against anyone in my life, I never had to. I was born with everything I could possibly need and from then until now had never wanted for anything. Whatever I wanted I took.

And then there’s Gia, my woman. I’ve taken her but the love she once bore her dead husband still haunts me. I won’t stop until I’ve erased him from her memory no matter what it takes.

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