Foster Dad

The first sixteen years of my life were hard. My mother buried her troubles in drugs and strange men until one day she went too far and killed herself with a needle in her arm. I thought for sure things couldn’t get any worst and had resolved myself to never getting out of the hell that was my life now that I’d been thrust into the foster system. At sixteen and a half, I could dream that one day some nice rich couple would snatch me up and take me home with them to be their little girl, but I knew it would never happen.

Then one day as if in a dream everything changed and my life became a fairytale only to be turned upside down again when my new ‘mom’ was killed in a horrible accident. I thought for sure that my life would go back to the way it was. I always knew that it was her idea to save the little orphan girl in whom she’d seen so much potential and that he’d only gone along with it to please her.

Weeks after her death he didn’t seem in any hurry to get rid of me and the two of us settled into a new routine. He was still mine, though lately, my feelings for him were changing in ways I couldn’t control. But then ‘she’ came along, a woman who didn’t understand our relationship and was hell-bent on tearing us apart. Now I’m in a fight to hold onto the only thing I had left in life.

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