Enraptured By You

Book 1 of the Sibling Rivalry Series

This story contains strong subject matter between consenting adults. If you’re easily offended please do not read.

Hunter Sheridan is at the end of his rope. The woman he loves has just been promised to someone else in marriage, but that’s not what’s got the tattooed racecar builder in a tizzy. It’s the fact that the love of his life has yet to say anything to him about it even though the whole town is abuzz with the rumors. Didn’t he just see her two days ago, at their secret place? So why is it that she looked him in the face and said I love you, knowing that she was going to be meeting someone else down the aisle?

Deidre Delany is trying to get in front of the mess her daddy has made of her life. It’s true that no one knows she and Hunter are an item, because she’s been waiting to find the right time to tell her overprotective daddy for the past four years, but that time just never seemed to come. Now he’s gone and promised her hand in marriage to some man she doesn’t even know without so much as a warning to her. Moreover, she just knows that if Hunter hears anything about this fiasco, there’s going to be trouble headed her way.

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