Book 1 of the BBW Babysitter’s Club Series

Brielle could think of a lot of things she’d rather be doing with her summer vacation than babysitting someone else’s kid. For one thing, she doesn’t like kids, and she doesn’t need the money for another. But when her best friend needs her to fill in for her, she caves. All this size fourteen beauty wants to do is sun herself on her employer’s private beach and get back to her life once the job is done, but she didn’t count on meeting the most handsome man on the planet. She was sure there could never be anything between them, especially since his ex-wife was still very much in the picture and trying her best to crawl back into his bed.

Brandon Dash had kind of soured against women after his divorce. At least that’s what he thought when he couldn’t find any interest in his usual type. All that changed though when he was blindsided by the new babysitter and the image in his head every time he saw her. An image of her round with his child. Now weeks later he can’t get the vision out of his head and tomorrow they leave for his private island.

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