Biker’s Law

Stone is the president of the Lords of Chaos, the second and youngest MC in the small Midwest town where he grew up. From a very young age he’d heard the stories of his dad. A man of vision who’d helped start the first MC in town, and how his partner at the time Clyde Drexel had double-crossed and murdered him. There was never enough proof, but the locals were convinced.

Now thirty years later, Stone, who has thwarted Drexel at every turn, is the president of his own club. The two men never see eye to eye on anything so it’s a bit of a shock when Drexel turns up dead and his only daughter finds herself on the enemy’s doorstep seeking protection.

Chloe Drexel is away at school when she gets the news that her dad is dead. In the days leading up to his death she’d been receiving cryptic texts and phone calls, but none surprised her more than the one ordering her to seek out his sworn enemy for protection on the event that something should happen to him.

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