Bad Boy

When bad boy Jake Summers came back to his childhood hometown of Briarwood he had no idea that he was going to run into the crown princess. That’s what the locals had always called her, the daughter of the town’s self-appointed king. Old man Willoughby owned and ran everything in their little town and everyone had always bowed to his dictates. Jake had never seen the daughter in question lesser beings like himself were not given that privilege, besides he was five years older than she was. But when he found the young beauty in his home on his return tutoring his little sister of all things, the sparks began to fly. With one look he knew he wanted her under him but he also knew there was no way it could work. Not unless he disrupted her life. One night of unbridled passion in the backseat of his car had changed everything. Not only were they caught, Jake had to leave town and leave his heart behind. Now three years later he’s back to reclaim what’s rightfully his and this is no boy but a man. A man who had spent the last three years planning his return.

This story contains explicit sex scenes

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