Babysitter’s Club Jenny

Book 5

Jenny Somerset fell in love with the handsome teenage Derrick the moment she first laid eyes on him. She was eight and he sixteen, with no use for her, but she knew, deep down inside she knew that one day he would be hers. And when she boldly told him that she was going to marry him one day and he agreed to wait for her until she was eighteen, she had no idea that he said it in jest, just to humor the kid who followed him around all day with stars in her eyes.
Now he’s back after years away and she’s unrecognizable.
Derrick hadn’t given a second thought to his little shadow in years, why would he? She was just a kid when he was already a young man. So when the hot little number came to his home to interview for the job babysitting his twin girls, he had no idea who she was. He never would’ve guessed anyway, because this girl looked nothing at all like the scrawny little kid who used to dog his every step. He may have forgotten, but Jenny hasn’t, and life is about to get very complicated for the two star crossed lovers.

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