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Tennessee Heat Chapter 8

This entry is part 8 of 15 in the series Tennessee Heat

Chapter 8

*** She only stirred from her private reverie when he pulled into an underground garage. She could tell that he was still mad when he opened her door with his face set in stern lines. “Where are we? What am I doing here?” “Get out of the car, you’re staying with me tonight.” She gave him a very telling look, which he interpreted accurately. “I have two bedrooms, you can have one. If I wanted to fuck you I wouldn’t have gone through the pretense of taking you home. Now let’s go.” She was speechless as he helped her out of the car after unbuckling her seatbelt, and didn’t find her voice until he’d hustled her into the elevator. “Why are you so mad again?” 

He shook his head and didn’t answer. There was no rationale for what he was feeling and he’d only end up making shit worst if he tried to explain. The truth is he was being a bit of a snob and wasn’t embarrassed about it. She didn’t belong there. “You don’t belong there. I’m not mad at you: just not happy with the situation. I know how dangerous that place is. Don’t ask me to be happy that the woman…that you live around such bullshit.”  He’d almost given too much away. She wasn’t ready to hear that she was the woman he loved and he wasn’t ready to say it. Not the right time.

He led her into his apartment overlooking the city’s waterfront. She stood just inside the door as if afraid to take another step and he gave her time to get herself together.  He was able to relax now that he had her here and hadn’t realized how much he’d longed to see her in his place where she belonged. “Did you eat?” He didn’t wait for an answer but headed into the kitchen. As if on cue her tummy made a most embarrassing sound, reminding her that she hadn’t had anything to eat at the party. She wasn’t quite sure how to take his explanation. She knew she should be offended, but didn’t she feel the same? At least she wasn’t dying of embarrassment the way she thought she’d be. She followed behind him slowly and stood in the doorway watching as he grabbed a loaf of bread from the refrigerator before going back for deli meat and the necessary condiments.

“I’m not going to pounce on you Annabelle get the hell out of that doorway and sit down.” He didn’t like that she was being so skittish with him; she’d never done it before. Always before they’d been easy with each other. Well after their first few meetings anyway. So what if he usually left her with a hard dick and in a foul mood from sexual frustration? He’d never exposed her to any of that. Not once had he acted inappropriately, always showing her the respect she deserved no matter how hard it was to be around her and not take.
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Tennessee Heat Chapter 7

This entry is part 7 of 15 in the series Tennessee Heat


She’d just this minute been thinking of him, wondering if she’d ever see him again. And just like magic, as if she’d conjured him up, there he was. She heard his tortured whisper and knew where it came from.  He’d never seen her quite like this before, and though she could now admit to herself that it was for him that she’d done this, his response made her feel shy. She looked up at his greater height as he stopped in front of her, close enough that she could see the way his nostrils flared. When he reached for her she didn’t pull away, though she couldn’t even if she’d wanted to, her legs had gone to mush. One hand went to her waist while with the other he brushed a trail down her cheek with the back of his fingers. It was the most natural thing to fall into his chest when he pulled her in closer.  And when his lips touched hers, lightly at first, as if giving her that last chance to pull away, it was she who moved the last few inches. Letting him know without words as she opened her lips wider beneath his, that she wanted his touch. She melted into him, her inexperience plain to him as she followed his lead. Her tongue tentatively touched his before he drew it into his mouth and his arms tightened around her. Her body which had been stiff turned to jelly as she lifted her arms around him.

When he finally lifted his head they were both out of breath. He stared down at her, enjoying the feeling of having her here like this at last. “You look amazing; but I’m burning that dress. “No you’re not.” “We’ll see.” The way he kissed the tip of her nose was almost as intimate as the kiss they’d shared, and for the first time since their early acquaintance she felt awkward around him. She didn’t know what to do with herself. Her hands still rested on his shoulders and her head still leaned back so she could look up at him. It was the way he looked at her that made her feel gauche more than anything else. 

She’d never seen such hunger in his eyes before. At least not when she was supposed to. She’d caught a look or two before when they were both pretending not to notice each other. But this was the first time she’d experienced the full brunt of its force. “What’re you doing out here by yourself beautiful?” He brushed a lock of hair that the wind blew, out of her face. His eyes followed the way her throat worked as she swallowed nervously at his touch. “I just needed some time alone.” He knew from picking up conversation between his sister and mother that some of the girls didn’t like Annabelle. He also knew who the ringleader was.
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Tennessee Heat Chapter 6

This entry is part 6 of 15 in the series Tennessee Heat
Chapter 6 *** The party was in full swing by the time Chase pulled up to the big house, it was his little sister’s going away party and he’d been given orders to be there or else. At twenty-seven he wasn’t too excited about partying with a bunch of teenagers but he always made it a point not to disappoint his baby sister.  He saw his younger brother Emory hiding out around the side of the house and had to laugh. Em was the size of a barge but their little sister ordered him around like he was her personal lackey.  He’d only escaped the same fate because as the oldest he’d always been put in a position of authority when the parents needed a breather. He climbed out of his silver grey Aston Martin and walked towards his brother in the shadows.

“What’re you doing little brother?” Emory almost jumped out of his skin at his approach. “Dude if you know what’s good for you-you won’t go in there, it’s a madhouse and Kim is a devious little runt.” “Okay what did she do now college boy? Tell me what the big bad high school girl did to have you hiding out-out here like an old woman.” It was hard holding back his laughter, especially when it looked like his brother was about to cry. “Laugh all you want bro but don’t say I didn’t warn you; those girls are persistent.” He actually tried to look around Chase to see if anyone was coming out the door. “First I had to hide out in the kitchen with mom and dad because a couple of them got all grabby feely, and then there was some kinda dust up between some of the girls in there, that’s when I made my escape.”

Chase was sure that there might be some truth to his claims but he was also doubly sure that he was going a bit overboard. Em tends to exaggerate a lot. He clapped him on the shoulder as he turned to head inside where this bevy of frightening vixens, were supposedly hanging out. More likely than not one of them had come on too strong for his little brother who because of his size was always rather awkward around members of the opposite sex. He had a sudden thought of that Lisa girl. He wouldn’t put it past her to go after his brother since he hadn’t fallen prey to her wiles. She was bold enough to do it too and if the local gossip was true, she might be desperate. Her he could do without running into.

“Let me go see what has you so shook brother.” He shook his head as he walked away. Em was a big ox. At twenty-two he was well on his way to the NFL and could’ve been there already if not for their parents, no scratch that, their mom putting her foot down and insisting he got an education first.
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Tennessee Heat Chapter 3

This entry is part 3 of 15 in the series Tennessee Heat

Chapter 3


The next Saturday dawned nice and sunny with a much cooler temp than the week before. After spending a whole week going back and forth on her decision, the choice was taken out of her hand when Kim called and begged her to come to the party.


She was grateful for the excuse because the truth is, she was dying to go. Just a few days ago she’d gone to a thrift shop a few towns over where the other wealthy half lived, and spent her day off digging through second-hand clothes for something presentable to wear.

She’d found a kickass red knee-length dress with spaghetti straps that fit her small frame perfectly. Showcasing her breasts without being too revealing, and hugging her hips and ass like a second layer of skin.


She was lucky enough to find a pair of silver gladiator strap up heels that made her calves look amazing and for the first time in a very long time felt like luck was on her side.

All that was missing was a cute little evening clutch to match her shoes. Something small enough to hold her keys and a tube of lipstick which she planned to wear for the first time.

She didn’t let herself dwell on the fact that she was going to all this trouble because this very well might be the last time she was in the presence of Chase Worthington.


With his sister going away to college there was no reason for her to show up at their house again, and she didn’t fool herself that her friendship with Kim would withstand the test of time.

She wouldn’t blame her friend if she went off and made new friends who were more on her level. In this small town miles away from any major city, her choice for friends had been limited.


It’s what she’d do if it were her. Not that she would’ve left any friends behind if they were worth knowing, but she was sure that once Kim got out into the world and saw beyond the city limits, she’d realize how unsustainable their friendship was.

So she’d go to the party and have one last night among the rich and famous before settling down to her life of drudgery. She promised herself that she wouldn’t fall apart once it all hit her when she said her final goodbyes to the only friends she’d known, but she knew she would.


Not only because they were going away and leaving her behind, but because it was the end of a chapter in her life. She’d been lucky enough to make it into that school only because of her excellent scholastic achievements.

It’s the reason she’d been able to make it that far out of her neighborhood. Where she’d escaped the realities of her life for part of each day. It was the reason the people around here hated her, and the reason why people like Lisa hated her more. She didn’t belong anywhere.

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Tennessee Heat Chapter 2

This entry is part 2 of 15 in the series Tennessee Heat

Chapter 2
Annabelle barely came out of her daydream state in time to hop off the trolley. Thank goodness someone else had needed her stop or she’d have had to walk back twenty blocks in this infernal heat.
No use mooning over Chase, and if you do go to that party you stay the hell away from him before you make an ass of yourself.
That little pep talk seemed to do the trick and her spirits were lifted just a little bit. That was before she turned down her street and her situation in life came back full force.
Her spirits took a nosedive and she wished she could turn around and go back, but where? Her shoulders drooped even more as everything that was wrong in the world seemed to land squarely on her shoulders.

She pushed the dawning melancholy aside and searched for the bright side. There had to be one somewhere. Life couldn’t stay this depressing for long, after all she’d barely started to live. She appeased herself with that thought and held onto that glimmer of hope.
Her steps were a cross between a slow crawl and a jog. She didn’t want to bring attention to herself, but she wanted to get out of sight as soon as possible. It’s like that feeling you get when you want to go to the bathroom but you know if you move too fast you’ll wet yourself. Torture!
The street was usually busy with out of workers loitering in doorways and up and coming criminals slinging whatever death drug was the flavor of the week.

She hated it more each time she came out her door. She braced herself for the incessant catcalls and uninspired come-ons that she usually ignored. Unless she was in a bad mood and the wrong person got in her damn face.
This Saturday afternoon the street was busier than usual; no traffic came down this street, unless it was a user looking for a fix. Sensible people knew to stay away from here. Nothing good ever came outta this damn place. That quickly she was back to feeling sorry for herself.

There were a hundred kids playing on the sidewalk and in the street. Someone had opened the hydrant as was usual on a day like this. Some young guys were playing football in the street and another group had the basketball court on the other end of it.
They’d made their own net with an old soda case attached to a pole. There were the usual loud arguments from the men shooting dice, who always seemed ready for a fight. Something that used to scare the shit out of her when she was younger, but she’d learned to ignore as the years went by.
She was at least grateful that they were too busy to notice her as she made her way down the block to the little rundown house with the leaky roof that she shared with her mother. She slowed her step a little when she reached the group of young girls.

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Tennessee Heat Chapter 5

This entry is part 5 of 15 in the series Tennessee Heat

Chapter 5 ***

Kimberly gave Lisa one last warning before the frustrated girl turned and left the room with her entourage in tow.  Kim might’ve believed the whole thing over and done with, but not by a long shot. As far as Lisa was concerned it had just begun. She’d been waiting almost two years for this and nothing was going to stop her getting her revenge on the little nobody who thought she could become one of them.  It wasn’t that Annabelle had done anything to the other girl, her sin was in being too pretty, too smart and too likeable. Lisa had been doing everything it’s true to gain Chase’s attention. Once she’d got too close at a pool party and he’d given her the brush off, claiming that at sixteen she was too young. 

She took that to mean that her age was his only objection and all she had to do was bide her time and wait. In the meantime she never letup on her teasing and flirting, which he never really outwardly rebuffed, he just never gave her any encouragement.  She could’ve lived with that for the next two years, but then Annabelle had moved to their school and that bleeding heart Kim had to go and befriend her.

That’s where the trouble started. She’d been more than happy to accept the new girl even though she’d already grown tired of hearing how beautiful she was or how smart.  But when they’d all been over for a sleepover and Chase had dropped by to see his dad about something, she hadn’t missed his reaction to the other girl. Where he’d told her she was too young, he didn’t seem to have an issue with talking to Annabelle, mostly off in a corner somewhere alone. 

It was obvious to everyone that the two of them practically forgot there were others in the room when they got together. Her animosity had fast become hate and she’d promised herself for two years that one day she was going to get even with her nemesis.  Annabelle had no idea any of this was going on in the other girl’s head. She knew there was jealousy on her part, which she didn’t quite understand.

Lisa had the kind of life she wished she had. A home with both parents, living in the best neighborhood, wore the best clothes and drove the latest model luxury cars.  What could she possibly have to envy? It’s not like she wasn’t beautiful as well, and the truth is, Annabelle was sure Chase would more go for someone like that. He might want to take her to his bed, but the woman he married and had children with would no doubt be someone like the more acceptable girl who’d won belle of the year this year. Annabelle had been so distracted by all the fuss over her dress and the ensuing showdown that she hadn’t had time to worry about whether or not he was here. 
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Tennessee Heat Chapter 4

This entry is part 4 of 15 in the series Tennessee Heat
Chapter 4 *** It had been yet another scorching day, but with evening fast approaching it had grown much cooler. She changed from the trolley to a bus to take her to her final destination and didn’t feel safe again until she was turning onto the corner that would take her to the Worthington’s mansion. Williams street, Harpersville, is a long, tree lined street with old antebellum homes built before the turn of the second to last century. Wide open lawns bordered by hedges of roses and hydrangeas were spotted with huge magnolia trees that were at least two hundred years old.  There were a good thirty of the old homes still standing. Others had been garishly updated by well meaning new moneyed housewives with more money than taste. But the ones that had been left alone in their old graceful state, were the ones she found the most pleasing.

Like Kim’s family home. The red brick with the Grecian columns and dormer windows. The wraparound porch that sat low as if sinking into the green grass that surrounded it, and the many plants the gardener had planted around the edge gave the place a fairy tale look. What was it like to grow up here? To know that you never had to worry about your next meal? Or whether or not a stray bullet would come through your bedroom window at night and kill you while you slept? She’d been sleeping on the floor for months now for fear of that very thing happening. As she walked down the long drive to the house, she could hear the music blaring. The sight of all the cars that were already there made her nerves tingle. 

She hated being the center of attention and knew that she would draw it as soon as she walked in. Not because she was anything special, but because as the odd man out, she always came under great scrutiny. Why did I wear this dress? She knew why. She’d worn it to impress him. But now that she was here she wished she’d used better sense and gone with the pale pink number that she’d scoffed at because it looked too childish.  Her feet were beginning to hurt from all that walking. Something else she hadn’t taken into consideration when contemplating her fashion statement.

As she entered the door that had been left open for guests, she knew right away what kind of evening it was going to be. Lisa and one of her best pals were already the center of attention, and knowing her, she planned on keeping it that way for the rest of the night, no matter that it was Kim’s party. “Come on, Lori, let’s show them how it’s done.” She grabbed the other girl’s hand and dragged her into the middle of the ballroom that the family used for these gatherings. At least they’d taken the pressure off of her as everyone was looking at the spectacle.
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Tennessee Heat Chapter 1

This entry is part 1 of 15 in the series Tennessee Heat
By Cami York Copyright© 2019 Jordan Silver All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1

*** It’s August in Tennessee, and for anyone who knows, that means the barometer is set somewhere between hades and hell. It’s not for the faint of heart that’s for sure.  It had been broiling hot all day, with clear blue skies and not even a whiff of a breeze. The sun beat down so hard on the pavement, the bottom of the flip flops worn by the young girls who traipsed up and down the sidewalk were all but melted. A blackout had sent the residents of the little town of Harpersville outdoors to battle the heat since their homes had become little more than ovens. Girls dressed in little more than was needed for a day in the pool, a sight that would usually draw its share of raised brows, barely garnered a second look. Except the exceptionally pretty ones at any cause!

Annabelle Scacci was one of the most if not the most beautiful one in the crowd, but unlike the others, she didn’t put on airs. Besides, she always found her beauty a bit outdated. Her long black locks that her mother refused to let her get cut, and her almond shaped brown eyes were no match for the blonde haired blue eyed beauty of her friends as far as she was concerned, and so she ignored all the compliments as nothing more than horny teenage boys just trying to find their way into her pants. “Well Annabelle, have you decided to come to the party next Saturday or not?” Annabelle heard her friend Kimberly but her focus had gone straight to Lisa, their other friend. 

She was dying to go to the party, but the last time they’d visited Kim’s home there was a big stink afterwards because her brother Chase had shown a little too much attention to her and not Lisa who was dying to jump into his bed. Annabelle liked him well enough, in fact she’d spent many a long day daydreaming about the two of them in some hot and steamy compromising positions.  But she knew she didn’t stand a chance against the beautiful and rich Lisa. Lisa and Chase shared the same kind of background. Their families lived a few houses apart on Williams Street, the wealthiest street in the whole damn county, while Annabelle lived on the more seedier side of town. “I’ll think about it.” She gave a halfhearted answer and her ire rose when she saw the satisfied gleam in Lisa’s eyes. Their animosity have been on the rise more and more of late, could be the heat. 

But Annabelle wasn’t so sure. Something had been going on since school ended back in the spring. Instead of seeing her friends on a daily basis she was down to seeing them on the odd afternoon here and there. She didn’t mind that so much except that she really did like Kim and missed their daily chat fest. Kim like her brother, was very down to earth and didn’t act all high and mighty, even though of all the families on that ostentatious block theirs were the wealthiest.
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