Jordan Rants

April 9, 2021

Maybe my allergies have made me muddle-headed but here’s a thought. The punks of the world, all those inadequate fuqs who got left behind and out of everything in school because they were lacking are now the bullies leading the so-called free world.  As if the earth wasn’t fuqued enough the last few years have brought the scum to the top of the pot…no thanks. Anyhoo, that’s not my beef…

Jordan Rants

March 31, 2021

So, I am a nonconfrontational nutbag. I can rant and rage at inanimate objects though with the best of them but nothing gets my goat faster than an azzhole in the wild. A few things have gotten on my nerves this week and I figure I should get them off my chest before shiz gets real. Number one, telling me that something is FDA approved don’t mean shiz to me….


March 30, 2021

Hi, butterflies it’s been a while. Not much to say except, I’m working on All Grown Up on Patreon, it should be ready for release soon. The third book in the Briar Reef series is almost finished and I’ve started working on The Squad Book 2 along with some others. If you haven’t read The Squad Book 1 yet, here’s the link enjoy. I hope everyone is staying safe and taking…

Now Available

February 27, 2021

  Follow the link to purchase my new book.  While you’re here, don’t forget to check me out on Patreon Try these new and exciting authors


February 14, 2021

Hello there, before we get to this week’s rant about toxic people and the fuckery they get up to, I have to make something clear about last week’s post. First, some of you may have noticed that you couldn’t leave a comment, that issue has been fixed. Now to the issue at hand. I made the point that a child should not be forced to call a step-parent mom or…


January 31, 2021

Hello, my lovelies. I know you’ve noticed my radio silence since leaving social mindfuq and it’s been wonderful. Some of you may not have noticed or did not get the memo, but I have checked out and switched off. This selfish bish has decided that she no longer cares about anything so all social justice warriors take an arena of seats and bugger off. My peace is more important than…

Happy New You

January 6, 2021

Hello, my lovely butterflies, I hope you’ve started off this new year very well. Mama has some words of wisdom to impart, not that anyone asked, but since this is my website my field of fuqs is once again barren. Anyhoo, how many of you like me, are known as the family nutter? Did this phenomena begin when you finally snapped after years of bullshit? Did you finally have enough…

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