Big Day Ahead

December 24, 2020

Hello, my lovely butterflies it’s me again. Tomorrow is the big day for some of you. The day when all the fuckery shall abound. The day when people you haven’t seen, don’t wish to see, and could care less about seeing will be in your face. As a doting mama butterfly, I want my swarm to enjoy their holiday as they should so I will give you a few pointers. Ghost every motherfuquer that gets on your nerves. You can do this even when in the same room as the offender. Look right through them as they stand in front of you, do not be mean or crass (they’ll use that shiz against you even though they’re the ones who started shiznet.) Smile at the ones you want to throat punch, this holiday is not the time for bloodshed. Be helpful where it’s asked for and stay still when not invited to help. They’re going to do everything to get under your skin, if they play the ignoring you game, pull out your phone and play a game or text a friend. Do not do the pick me dance, you’re too grown to need other people’s acceptance, especially in a world as fuqued up as this one is. Some of the people you are trying to win over aren’t worth it, if you knew who and what they truly are, you wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire. Know your worth, do not bend, do not conform, and if you just can’t hold it in, tell them all to clasp hands and jump off the nearest fuqing cliff. Your mother in law is just another female, she has no power over you. Before you go to her house tomorrow, give hubby the ride of his life, that bish won’t stand a chance. Just before you get out of the car tell him one of two things, either “I’m  not wearing underwear or “I can still feel you dripping out of me.” Do not fight with him, that’s what she wants. Be sweet as pie until you grate on her nerves so bad she gets a headache and calls it a night. Go forth, eat, drink, and be merry…

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  1. Zuri M said:

    I absolutely loved everything about this LMFAO


  2. Fabiola Cadet-Destil said:

    Happy Holidays Queen! Thank You For This👅🤣👅🤣


  3. Mrs yvette newton said:

    Thank you mama butterfly for your words of wisdom they are so funny but so true xx


  4. Jessica said:

    Wow, i did not relise how much i needed to see this today. Thank yoy. Life hasent been fun this last month and even less fun this last few days. This hit me hard and true. Thank you . Happy holidays


  5. Alison Smith said:

    I hate hearing about bad mother in laws. Once I was married, my mother in law treated me the same as her daughters. All the in-laws in the family called her “mom” so when I joined, I followed suit. I actually call my parents by their first names, Vicky & Jerry, because I have an uncle that grew up with me, and my parents never wanted him to feel different. So when I am in a room with both my mother in law and my mother- I call my mom, Vicky, and my mother in law, Mom!


  6. Taneka Maragh said:

    Amen, Amen to that. I feel you


  7. Stephanie wilson said:

    I’ll definitely be taking your advice. Hope you are having a terrific holiday season. Thank you for keeping me entertained throughout the year.


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