May 31, 2018

Good morning butterflies, to all who have been asking about Eden High, I owe you an apology. Since i started the series, only a handful of people have been reading it. Most people say they prefer to wait until the whole thing is finished. So, i selfishly told myself that since only a handful of people are reading it, then there is no need for me to rush and get installments out. Instead of focusing on the fact that only a handful of people were buying the books, I should’ve been grateful to that handful of people, and so i apologize for treating you as though you were less than. I will try my very best to devote the upcoming weeks to getting your story along with Anarchist (Law) out there. Thank you for your grace and patience and please forgive me for being a jackass. Mama made a boo-boo

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  1. Anonymous said:

    I’m just grateful you are writing. I enjoy reading your books and I am a fan of both of them. No need to apologize.


  2. Anonymous said:

    Lol I read them as they come and then buy the book and start all over love them!


  3. Daisy Gabinaaisy said:

    I kind of understand why the stories come in parts, it seems as the story unfolds new plots join in while I love where Anarchist is heading with Lyon’s Crew, Seal Team joining in and who knew more of the past heroes of your books; I am fed up with the recurring drama between Sian, Jace and Mandy same old, same new. Some expedite sequence would be much appreciated.

    What I most fear is somehow you disappear without finishing the series like Marly Chance, Linn Young, Sullivan Clark. There are still a few, but after all these years, I am sad to say I forgot them. Unless I searched all my ebooks folders and there are many.

    Please don’t take too much time.




    1. Travelgal1022 said:

      I second your thoughts. Parts are same old, same old but overall I’m enjoying the direction of the core theme. With the Eden series, there has to be an ending! I want to see where these boys end up 10 years from now cause as teens they have the makings of a formidable group.


  4. Debra Meldrum said:

    Love both sets and read them as soon as they come out. Practically stalk you for new releases!!!!


  5. M09ELF said:

    Fuiiihhh, I can’t wait for their stories. Thank you


  6. Raeoni Jackson said:

    Can’t wait to read the next book to this series.. I am truly addicted to the series.. have read the series many times.


  7. Anonymous said:

    Mama Butterfly, I’m pretty sure more than a handful of people have read your book!! When your done and ready is up to you take your time


  8. Lisa said:

    No need to apologize. So excited to read them! Favorite author ever!


  9. Paige said:

    I literally read and reread EVERYTHING you put out!! No worries, I like when you take your time with a story, the story telling is better because of it!


  10. Anonymous said:

    This is the first book I have ever read that had me addicted your books. I always look forward to reading more about the series but Authors are people too and sometimes you need to take a step back to get it finished. Take your time. I will be waiting either way. Thank you for your hard work.


  11. Jaelithe Shepherd said:

    I love this series and all the tie ins to the others. I can’t wait to read the bext installments. Just please punish Mandy the skank by the end, like an incurable std maybe? 30 years in solitary? Premature wrinkles and a flesh eating disease? Uncontrollable flatulence? Please punish her for us.


  12. LaKisha M. Davis said:

    It’s ok m patiently waiting until you bring it out I live the series n can’t to see what happens next


  13. AMY ROSE said:

    Thank you! I just started the series and now am caught up! I can’t wait to see what happens!!!


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