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Tennessee Heat Chapter 15

She closed her eyes but refused to turn around, her face would definitely give her away and she was sure her pleasure at his presence was written all over it. Her heart beat so loudly in her chest she just knew it could be heard. “Morning sunshine!” She turned around and saw him standing there. She took in his masculine good looks in the polo shirt and cargo shorts with moccasins on his feet. Must he always look so picture perfect? Even that morning after she’d spent the night, she didn’t recall him looking anything but perfect.

She took in his muscular arms beneath the short sleeves and noticed that he was, in fact, a big man. Tall and broad shouldered, more like a football player than a businessman. If that wasn’t enough, along with the Adonis physique he had a face that was almost pretty except for his chiseled jaw, which swung him back hard into the manly man category. “Morning babygirl, you okay?” he greeted her again, and she shook her head as she realized she’d just been standing there staring like a ninny. “Well, you needn’t look as if I’m going to take you down right here and mount you” he said. He had a wicked twinkle in his eye as he teased her.  ”I wasn’t thinking any such thing, for shame.” Her face was ten shades of red, she could feel the embarrassment in her cheeks.  “Then why is your face so red? Exactly what were you thinking while staring at me like that? He asked pointedly as he took the last few steps towards her. 

She was dumbstruck and couldn’t come up with a ready lie, but just stood there staring at him and chewing a hole in her lip while her face grew hotter. Chase had been starved for the sight of her. Each night after he hung up the phone he’d lay awake thinking about her. He couldn’t even do the falling asleep to her breathing thing because it only made him miss her more. He’d been miserable until he called his sister and told her to make the plans for today. He wasn’t sure what answer she would’ve given him this time if he invited her back to his place, but he was sure she’d accept his sister’s invitation. Now she was standing in front of him looking better than he remembered and he was fighting himself not to rush her. Each time he saw her, the need grew stronger until she was an ache beneath his skin.

Annabelle drew in her breath when he cupped her cheek, but she couldn’t resist turning her face into his hand. And the move melted his heart, taking his hunger to a higher level of need. “How hard will you slap me if I kiss you right now?” Her breath hitched and she stared into his eyes. He leaned in the last few inches and brushed her lips with his.
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