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Tennessee Heat Chapter 15

That Saturday, Kimberly called and invited her over, and she gladly accepted because her mother was driving her nuts with her batshit bullshit. And she missed Chase so much she was ready to climb the walls. Plus, there was the added hope that she just might see him there. She wished she felt confident enough to call him up and tell him she was headed to his parents’ place. Or even that she was dying to see him.

She took the trolley to the bus and walked the rest of the way to her friend’s house and was surprised to see some of the other girls there as well. Kimberly rolled her eyes when she commented on their presence. “That fool Lisa invited herself and I couldn’t come up with a good enough excuse fast enough to tell her to get bent.” Annabelle felt a bit self-conscious. She was dressed completely different from the last time she’d been there and she always felt poor when in the presence of the fashionable Lisa who always looked like she was ready for a photo shoot.  She was dressed in a short red skirt and an old red and blue peasant blouse that had seen better days and on her feet she wore the same Tom’s knockoffs that she’d worn the past two years, which had once been white but now not so much. “Come on in, I need you to tell me all about why my big brother has been ringing my ears off with Annabelle this and Annabelle that. Just what exactly happened between you two when he drove you home last weekend anyway?”

 She said it loud enough that the others in the backyard heard and Lisa’s reaction was priceless. She looked like someone had shot her ass out of a canon. Annabelle pretended not to notice and let the door slam behind her. “You’re really bad. You know she heard you right.” “Sure I do, that’ll shut her up about my brother. She’s been going on and on about him like she thinks she stands a chance.” “Well now that you’ve lit the fire I’m just gonna go feed the swans and the ducks and stay out of her line of sight.” She grabbed a carrot slice off the plate Kimberly was about to take out to the pool and held the door for her friend.  Lisa gave her a nasty sneer when she happened to look in that direction but Annabelle ignored the other girl and headed down to the gazebo after accepting a cool drink from Kimberly, leaving the others by the pool where they were hanging out to combat the heat. 

She felt almost listless being there without him now that things had changed between them, when she never had before. In fact, this whole week she’d been like a duck out of water, not finding comfort anywhere. She had her back to the house and was watching the birds on the water, and daydreaming about him, as she fed them, when she heard his voice behind her. Her pulse raced and her breath became short as she heard him coming towards her. 
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  6. Is it just me or is anyone else wondering what’s up with this story!!! It’s been a month now and no update.

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