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Tennessee Heat Chapter 15

Annabel did more listening than talking because she hated speaking on the phone in public, especially on the trolley where she had a captive audience. But listening was no hardship, since Kimberly went on and one about Chase, which was what Annabel’s poor soul needed right then. Something to take the bitter taste of that last conversation out of her mouth.  They stayed on the phone until she got off the trolley and walked the few blocks to her job. She was on pins and needles all day, worrying about the trip back and if she’d see Tim.

She did get one phone call from Chase later on in the day, but he sounded distracted and the call didn’t last too long. She tried not to let it bother her but she had to admit that the day had turned out just as the morning promised. A disaster.

***  For the rest of the week she only heard from Chase a handful of times, each time shorter than the last and told herself the honeymoon was over. She’d never been so miserable in her life. And no matter how she told herself that she was lucky she didn’t give her heart to him, it was no use. She may tell herself that all she wanted but she knew it wasn’t true. That even though his attraction hadn’t lasted it was too late for her to pull back. Those few days spent as the center of his attention had been her undoing. It was just her luck, she surmised. That just when she was softening towards him, just when she’d decided to close her eyes and jump into the deep end of the pool, he’d pulled back.

It was for the best that he’d shown his true colors now before she’d gone to bed with him. She must’ve told herself the same thing a thousand times  but at night alone in her bed, she missed him something awful. While she was making herself miserable she had no idea that like most of the country he’d been following the progress of the hurricane that was heading for the country and was busy making plans in case he had to leave town. Or that the reason he’d been so distracted is, he was beyond worried about her and leaving her behind if worse came to worse and he had to follow his team once again into the eye of another storm. He was working hard to find a way to get her into his house and out of that neighborhood for her sake and his peace of mind, but so far he couldn’t come up with anything.

Each night when he called her in between conferencing with the guys from his rescue team who were also keeping an eye on the coming storm he always felt inadequate because he couldn’t talk her into moving from that place. She could have no idea what it did to a man like him, a man whose every instinct is to protect his woman. And he didn’t want to fight with her this soon before he had to go away, so he restrained himself, which only ended up pissing him off. Ergo the short phone calls. It was killing him as the storm raged on across the sea, making landfall here and there with its projection headed for a part of the country that had already been hit. It was slated to make landfall in the states sometime early the following week.
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