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Tennessee Heat Chapter 15

Leaning against the wall of the house  across the way was Tim; he came towards her before she could duck back inside or find some other means of escape. “Hello!’ she said grudgingly, as he came toward. “What are you doing here?” “I was waiting for you to come out, Annabelle,” he answered.  She looked at him quickly. “I don’t have time this morning Tim I have to get to work. Mom already held me back.” “I’ll walk you to the bus stop.” He walked in step beside her and she felt odd after what she’d said to him last night. With each step she promised to never put herself in this uncomfortable position again.

“So, you gonna be here for the block party this coming Saturday?” Annabelle barely restrained herself from making an unappealing sound. No wonder they thought she was stuck up, but no way she was hanging out with those thugs. “I don’t think so Tim, you know that’s not my scene.” “I don’t see why not, you live here you know.” Don’t remind me she thought, but didn’t say it out loud. “Na, I can’t.” “Why not? You got a date with that guy with the car?” There was a hint of resentment in his tone and she looked at him sharply. “That’s really none of your business is it? Besides I don’t have anything to wear.” “Wear that dress you had on the other day.” “I don’t think so.”

They’d reached the bus stop and she was grateful to see the trolley coming towards them. He tried reaching for her hand but she pulled it out of his reach. “Look Tim, I can’t go on being your friend… after what happened last night.” It hurt her to say it, but it was for the best. He just didn’t seem to be getting the message. “That’s bullshit, I told you I won’t try to force anything on you.” “I think it’s for the best Tim, besides, if you’re not hanging around me all the time maybe you will find someone else. Someone that you really like and would really like you.” She nodded to him, and stepped on the trolley when it pulled up. She felt like the most awful person, but what was she supposed to do? Pretend to have feelings for him when she didn’t?

To take her mind off of him and the nasty feeling in the pit of her stomach she took out her phone and called Kimberly. She hadn’t spoken to her friend since the party.  Kimberly answered the phone laughing. “Girl I thought you ran away with my brother, no one has heard from either of you since Saturday night.”

“What? Why would you think that? You know your brother doesn’t feel me like that.” She didn’t want to give too much away lest things went south and nothing came of her and Chase’s flirtations. So as much as she would’ve liked to share with her friend, she wasn’t quite brave enough yet. “So you say, I beg to differ.”
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