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Tennessee Heat Chapter 14

 “You know, mother, if I didn’t have a little bit saved up, we would always be short when you run out.” Ms. Scacci’s money always ran out on Tuesday, and Annabelle had to keep things going till the following Saturday when she got paid again.  It never fails, and since today was Tuesday, Annabelle figured all this was just a lead up to begging her for money. “Oh, excuse me Ms. Big shot!” Proceeded Ms. Scacci. “When I was a girl I gave all my money to my mother. She never had to ask me for nothing. On Saturday when I came home with my wages, I gave her every dime.” Her words grew more slurred. “That’s what a daughter is supposed to do. I can tell you one thing, I never disrespected my mother; I appreciated her. She didn’t have to ask me for a couple bucks to get a pint of beer.”

Annabelle wasn’t stupid and she was over it; she held her tongue, and opened the door.  “Now, you’re just gonna leave me here sick and alone. I could die from this damn headache, fat lot you care.” She was really putting it on thick this morning but Annabelle wasn’t moved, she’d seen and heard it all before.  She made her escape and gave a sigh of relief until she saw what else was waiting for her this morning. Her spirits dropped even farther and she wished she’d taken out her phone and called Chase after all.
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6 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 14

  1. OMG I swear that bitch is gonna die from alcohol poisoning… Or at least I hope so. I have to ssy
    That this is probably one of my favorite stories by you.

  2. Momma don’t leave it there weirdly all week I have worried about annabelle she needs someone to look after her I hope chase shows up unannounced and takes her out that apartment she needs someone to take care of her for a change

  3. What you left it there!!

  4. I wonder who was at the door. I really hope she is safe.

  5. I need the next chapter

  6. Damn! WHAT

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