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Tennessee Heat Chapter 14

“Mom, you know I work late on Tuesdays. And since when do you need me to make you dinner?” Her mother usually drank that particular meal. “Well, it’s the least you can do considering all the shit I did for you when you were young. Do you know how long I was in labor bringing you into the world? Now you can’t take the time to cook me some mashed potatoes and corn?” Annabelle checked her watch and started towards the door. There was no use arguing with her mother when she got like this, nothing will satisfy her.

“What have you done with your week’s pay, Annabelle? You didn’t waste it all on that fancy dress did you?” “I put it where I always put it,’ answered Annabelle feeling defeated. She should’ve known the stupid dress was still sticking in her mother’s craw. She’d been aware for some time now that her mother was jealous of her and was always finding reasons to find fault. “And where’s that”’ asked her mother. “Where do you think mom, the bank.” She knew that would start another war. Her mother didn’t have an account of her own and resented the fact that her daughter wouldn’t put her on her account. She’d been dumb enough when she first started working to let her mother open an account for her because she was too young to do it herself and that had been a disaster.

”I don’t understand why you had to go down there and change that account. You act like I want to steal your money.” Annabelle ignored that particular fire starter. “Well, don’t have nothing to say? Why did you take my name off the account?” “Mom I’m going to be late.” She really didn’t want to have this argument now; not again. Ms. Scacci grew pissed. She sat up in her chair, her eyes shooting sparks of fiery anger at her daughter. “I know why you did it, you … you!” She released a barrage of colorful epithets each one worst than the last. “You think I’d steal it,” she went on. “I know that’s what you think! Do you think I’d go and steal from my own child?”

“Well, mother,” said Annabelle, “the last time your name was on the account money just seemed to disappear.” “Just what the hell are you implying?” “Nothing mom, just that there were only two people on the account and I wasn’t making any withdrawals.”  “Well, I had to feed and clothe you didn’t I, what did you expect?” Annabelle didn’t answer because there was no point. Her walking away and heading for the door only seemed to enrage her mother further. “You dirty slut, you,” she said, “I know all about the man in the fancy car. She eyed her daughter balefully. “If you think you’re gonna move uptown and leave me here after all the sacrifices I made for you-you can forget it! You owe me. You should be giving me your pay every week instead of saving it up for a school that don’t want you and spending it on all sorts of crap while I have to work myself into the grave to keep a roof over your head.”
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6 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 14

  1. OMG I swear that bitch is gonna die from alcohol poisoning… Or at least I hope so. I have to ssy
    That this is probably one of my favorite stories by you.

  2. Momma don’t leave it there weirdly all week I have worried about annabelle she needs someone to look after her I hope chase shows up unannounced and takes her out that apartment she needs someone to take care of her for a change

  3. What you left it there!!

  4. I wonder who was at the door. I really hope she is safe.

  5. I need the next chapter

  6. Damn! WHAT

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