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Tennessee Heat Chapter 14

“I don’t need the damn hospital girl, what I need is some rest. It’s all the work I have to do around here, looking after you and the cooking and getting everything ready and doing all the house-work, and going out cleaning other people’s houses every blessed day.” Annabelle took umbrage to the blatant half-truths but held her tongue on that one but not the other. Her mother hadn’t cleaned anything in their apartment in years. She guessed the other woman forgot her decree when she Annabelle was ten, that if she had to clean up other people’s shit she’d be damned if she was gonna come home to more of the same.

“I don’t think that’s the problem mom, lots of people work. I think it’s the liquor. You really need to ease off the bottle or you’re going to end up hurting yourself.” How many times had she told herself not to go there? The last time she’d tried an intervention Ms. Scacci had exploded in a rage and thrown her empty whiskey bottle at her head, barely missing hitting her. “If I don’t have a drop of liquor, to pull me together, I’d end up in jail for killing your stupid ass. How dare you talk to me like that? After all I’ve done for you.” Ms. Scacci was one of those mothers who seemed to think that their kids owed them some sort of recompense for being born.

Annabelle left the room and went back to fixing breakfast before things deteriorated into an all out brawl. She pulled her phone from her pocket and pulled up Chase’s number. She didn’t dial it, just took comfort in knowing that he was just a dial away. She put it away when she heard her mother making her way down the hallway towards the kitchen. The toast was ready so she buttered it and poured the last bit of juice for them before taking a seat at the table. They never had much to eat in the morning, which was fine by Annabelle since it meant less time spent with her mother and her early morning moods. Ms. Scacci nibbled on the corner of her buttered toast and gulped down her juice. “You working today?” “Yes mom, I work every Tuesday.” The other woman remained silent for a bit, then said: “I don’t think I can make it in to work today. This headache is really bad and my arthritis is acting up. I think you should go in for me today.”

It wasn’t the first time she’d asked her daughter to fill in for her, but she must’ve got her days mixed up. She usually pulled that stunt on Annabelle’s day off. “Sorry mother, no can do.” Annabelle got up to wash her glass and put it on the sink to dry. If she didn’t get out of there soon she was going to lose her shit. “I hope you weren’t planning to hang out with your friends again tonight, because I need you home to cook dinner.”
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6 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 14

  1. OMG I swear that bitch is gonna die from alcohol poisoning… Or at least I hope so. I have to ssy
    That this is probably one of my favorite stories by you.

  2. Momma don’t leave it there weirdly all week I have worried about annabelle she needs someone to look after her I hope chase shows up unannounced and takes her out that apartment she needs someone to take care of her for a change

  3. What you left it there!!

  4. I wonder who was at the door. I really hope she is safe.

  5. I need the next chapter

  6. Damn! WHAT

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