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Tennessee Heat Chapter 14

Annabel took extra special care with her dress that morning, something she hadn’t done in a while; not since long before the party. Usually for work she’d throw on some old jeans and a ratty T-shirt. Nothing too horrible, at least passable, but today she took time to do her hair and makeup just in the off chance that she might see him. She didn’t even know if he knew where she worked, but remembered vaguely that she might have mentioned it once long ago. She heard her mother doing her usual mumbling and moaning from down the hall in her own room and rolled her eyes. 

Mornings were never fun in the Scacci home. It always seemed that Ms. Scacci saved up all her woes and sorrows to greet the new day. Annabel, once she finished getting dressed for the day, took a deep breath before leaving her room to go face her mother. She wasn’t sure what this morning would hold, but she was hoping that the feeling that she had from the conversation with Chase would last at least until she made it out of the apartment. She should’ve known better She tiptoed into the kitchen being quiet in the off chance her mother wouldn’t hear her movements. She proceeded to get breakfast ready for both of them since her mother had been out late the previous night, hanging out with her friend. 

She could make out more of the grumbles and was only slightly perturbed to hear her mother complain about a headache. She knew what that meant.  If her mother had indeed gone to Ms. Agnes’ she hadn’t spent all her time there. Only one thing makes her complain for headaches in the morning and it’s cheap liquor and beer. When the noise just kept growing Annabelle knew it was her mother’s way of getting her attention and resolved herself to going into her room to see what it was she really wanted. If there’s one thing Annabelle knows it’s that her mother’s remedy for headaches is more alcohol.

“Oh, my head!” she was saying, as she pressed her hands to either side of her forehead, rocking back and forth on the bed. “I’ve got the worse fucking headache again, and I’m supposed to be going in to work any minute. What am I gonna do? I don’t know why I always get these damn things first thing every morning.” Annabelle could’ve told her how but knew that would only lead to an argument, which she wasn’t in the mood for. Instead she decided to play along so this new drama could play itself out and she could get on with the rest of her day. “You’d better go to the hospital mother.” She rolled her eyes as she said it because this was not the first time those words had left her lips, in much the same scenario. In fact, she’s been playing out this same scene in some variation or another for as long as she could remember.
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6 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 14

  1. OMG I swear that bitch is gonna die from alcohol poisoning… Or at least I hope so. I have to ssy
    That this is probably one of my favorite stories by you.

  2. Momma don’t leave it there weirdly all week I have worried about annabelle she needs someone to look after her I hope chase shows up unannounced and takes her out that apartment she needs someone to take care of her for a change

  3. What you left it there!!

  4. I wonder who was at the door. I really hope she is safe.

  5. I need the next chapter

  6. Damn! WHAT

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