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Tennessee Heat Chapter 13

“Hi.” Her voice sounded breathless and giddy even to her own ears and she bit her lip to rein it in. Her hand went back to that twirling hair thing as she plopped back on the bed, the night outside her window long forgotten. “Hi babygirl sorry it took me so long to get back to you, it’s been a long day. How are you doing, did you have a good day?” She tried brushing him off and turning the conversation back to him but he wasn’t having it. “Did you go outside today baby?” She heard the strain in his voice and knew what he was thinking. “No, I just hung around the house and cleaned up a little.” How lame, she thought. She couldn’t even think of what to say to him. She felt dumb as a stump.

“When can I see you?” Just like that he switched topics, even the tone of his voice had changed. Her heart raced and she jackknifed on the bed to a sitting position.  She’d love nothing more than to see him, but no way was he coming here now, not with everyone hanging around outside. She’d just die. Especially since she now knew that at least one person had seen him in the neighborhood. Then she remembered she had his money. “I’ll try to come see you some day this week.” “What’s wrong with tonight? Right now? Say the word and I’ll come get you.” “It’s kinda late and I’ve got work tomorrow.” She knew it was a lame excuse, it was barely past eight o’clock, but she couldn’t think that quick on her feet, especially when he was turning her brain to mush. 

She was surprised when he gave in and settled for another long phone conversation that lasted until well into the night and early morning. He listened to the soft sounds of sleep on the other end of the line and wondered since when he found such things adorable. He could’ve gladly stayed up listening to her but he too soon gave in to tiredness and fell asleep. When she woke the next morning and realized what she’d done, and that the line was still open, she held her breath. Somehow she knew that he was awake as well. “Good morning sleepyhead.” “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry I fell asleep. What time is it?” She spoke really fast so he’d not catch on to what his voice first thing in the morning was doing to her.

“Six o’clock.” Had he stayed awake all this time listening to her sleep? Can’t be. “Tell me you didn’t sit there all night listening to me snore.” Oh please don’t let me have been snoring, she thought. “You make the cutest little sounds when you sleep.” She groaned with embarrassment and tried to think of something funny to say but once again her mind blanked out on her.
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9 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 13

  1. When are both of this stories coming out in book form. I will buy them they are really good. Just like the incident

  2. I know I say this all the time but I really love this book.

  3. Can’t wait for more

  4. Ok these chapters are just too short and read it too quick. I can hardly wait for the next one. For now compensating myself by reading “The Returned”

  5. I love this book. Cant wait for more….or should i say the whole book……

  6. Just the fix I so needed. Dropped everything to read it. So loving this story.

  7. Thank you for the new chapter – as usual I stopped what I was doing to read it as soon as I saw it sent to me

  8. So good! Can’t wait for more

  9. Wow! This is getting so romantic!!

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