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Tennessee Heat Chapter 12

 She got lost in the scenery and unusual quiet of the evening. Maybe it was because it was Monday, but she didn’t remember it being this still outside no matter what day it was.  Whatever the reason, she was grateful that she could sit there like that for once. It was a nice change from staring at the four walls of the barren apartment. She sat there for what felt like hours just watching the changing sky and letting her mind drift to Chase and what ifs. Her poor little heart ran the gamut from all levels of excitement to despair, and back.

Could she truly take him at his word? She wondered. Or was she destined to end up like her mom? If she gave in to her own needs and his, what then? Would he just walk away after?  Always, no matter how hard she tried, she could never escape that question. It always found a way to seep into her psyche and plague her young mind. But for the first time there was something else, something stronger growing inside her. It was hope. The hope that she truly could steal a little piece of happiness in life. Somewhere deep inside she knew that she would give in to him eventually. She didn’t kid herself that she could hold out against him forever; not feeling the way she did about him.

Her body was already fighting her mind, and she knew it wouldn’t be long now before she succumbed. And with him being so nice and attentive, and saying all the right words. What hope did she really have of keeping him at arm’s length for much longer? The thought made her happy and sad at once. She wouldn’t be the first woman to be dumped, but somehow she knew that to have someone like him and then lose him might be more than her starving heart could take.  Her heart already knew what her mind refused to accept, that it was only a matter of time. Her life was such that she was already mourning the end of the relationship before it had even begun. She’d learned at a very young age not to put too much faith in happily ever after; that there were just some people in the world, who were destined for a life of hardship, and constant bitter disappointment. Like her mother, and most of the women in the neighborhood. All of them saddled with a child, or two, or six. And no man to help out. That seemed to be the recurring theme. A theme she was desperate to escape. She got so caught up in her thoughts she didn’t realize the curtain had left a small gap and she was now semi-exposed. Something she knew to avoid no matter that she was still relatively safe inside.

Suddenly a dark form stepped in front of the open window and she gave a little shriek and almost toppled off the twin-sized bed in her fright.
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10 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 12

  1. So good! Can’t wait for more. Please, please, please. Think his is going to be one of your best. I will probably read it a bunch of times

  2. Thus is coming together so good right now, please drop more.

  3. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  4. What is next?

  5. I can’t wait for the whole book

  6. That one chapter was way more exciting then the football game my son just subjected me to watch—more please.

  7. Please when will the whole story be released

  8. More please. Tim is trouble. Chase needs to swoop in and get her out of there. So loving this story.

  9. Tim really worries me. I hope he gets her out soon or she at least opens up about what is going on.

  10. Oh Yeah! Give More!

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