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Tennessee Heat Chapter 12

“Look, thanks for saving me yesterday…” “I don’t need you to thank me for that. I thought we were friends. I just wanna talk to you.” She hated even more that guilt-laden tone of his that always set her teeth on edge. He covered her hand with his on the windowsill and she quickly drew hers back as if she’d been burned. She hated unwanted touches; they always made her feel so violated and only served to raise her ire. “Well, you can say whatever you have to say here.” She was beginning to get annoyed at his persistence. Now she felt trapped. What if the next time he didn’t step in to help? If there ever was a next time. And she couldn’t forget the way he’d grabbed her and tried to kiss her even though he’d claimed it was all for show. No matter what, she was pretty sure it was a good bet she wouldn’t be taking any moonlit walks with him ever.  She was trying to come up with a good excuse to close the window and escape when he broke the silence. And his words left her cold inside. The implications were just too much to ignore.

“So who’s the guy that drove off with you the other night?” Annabelle drew in her breath. She didn’t think that anyone had seen that. How had he? Was he spying on her? Creep! “A friend why?” She went on the defensive since she didn’t have to answer to him and in fact resented him even asking as if he had a right to. This is why she never had much to do with him these days. She hated his attitude, as if he had a right to her in some way. “No reason,” he said, “just curious; geez what’s up with you why you all, you know like bitchy and stuff?” Of course, the usual fallback any time she speaks up in anyway. Why did I sit in this window? She thought. “I didn’t realize that that’s what I was doing. I thought I was minding my own business.” She tried to say it lightly so there would be no hard feelings. And was already growing tired of the effort once again. They both held an uncomfortable silence for the next few seconds, which seemed to drag on forever. She pretended a renewed interest in the stars as she felt his stare. “Why won’t you come walk with me, Annabelle?” he asked, one last time.

“No, Tim, I can’t.” She tried to soften the blow but knew it hadn’t worked when he just stood there looking at her with those puppy dog eyes that she’d been dreading, which she could now make out in the rising moonlight.  “Annabel,” he said before looking away and down at the ground. He sounded miserable and her gut hurt a little because she knew where this was going.
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10 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 12

  1. So good! Can’t wait for more. Please, please, please. Think his is going to be one of your best. I will probably read it a bunch of times

  2. Thus is coming together so good right now, please drop more.

  3. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  4. What is next?

  5. I can’t wait for the whole book

  6. That one chapter was way more exciting then the football game my son just subjected me to watch—more please.

  7. Please when will the whole story be released

  8. More please. Tim is trouble. Chase needs to swoop in and get her out of there. So loving this story.

  9. Tim really worries me. I hope he gets her out soon or she at least opens up about what is going on.

  10. Oh Yeah! Give More!

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