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Tennessee Heat Chapter 12

“Who’s there?” she asked, not quite able to make out the person since it had grown dark.  “It’s me Anna,” was the answer. There was only one person who ever called her that. She wasn’t sure if to be annoyed or not at the intrusion, but it was too late to escape his notice now.  “Tim?” her voice was barely above a whisper, tinged with apprehension as it was. She wasn’t exactly sure that it was he after all. But the voice did sound like his. “Yes!” Now she was able to better see him, but just barely, as he stepped a little bit closer. Seeing him brought back memories of the day before and she remembered she hadn’t properly thanked him. “You trying to give me a heart attack or what? What’re you doing sneaking up on me like that? And how the heck did you even know I was here?” She did feel a little annoyed at being disturbed from the first peaceful moment she’d had here in way too long.

She felt a little bad for scolding him when he hung his head like a whipped little boy. He fumbled and grumbled his way even closer to the window where there was more light. Now she could make out his light blonde hair in the coming moonlight though she still couldn’t make out his features. Tim was not a bad looking guy, and she knew he liked her, but she just wasn’t into him that way. She would’ve liked to be his friend, but each time she tried he always tried to take things farther and then she’d draw back and away.  She was hoping this time would be different though; that he’d gotten the message the last time she turned him down. She was getting tired of the back and forth at any rate. He didn’t say anything, just stood there as if he was studying her in the dark. “What’s up?” She asked. Feeling just a little uncomfortable with his silence.  She hated these awkward situations that they always found themselves in, and could almost wish that she’d been saved by anyone else but him. Then she wouldn’t feel like she owed him. Damn! “Let’s take a walk down by the lake Anna.” Oh boy she thought, here we go again. 

“No thanks, I don’t feel like coming outside. The damn mosquitoes will be feasting down there this time of night anyway!”  It was as good an excuse as any she thought and had a ring of truth to it that even he could admit. She felt the now familiar unease grow as she awaited his reply. Knowing that he wasn’t done. “Oh come on. Ever since you met those new friends of yours at that fancy school you’ve been giving me the brush off. It’s like you think they’re better than the rest of us or something.” She hated when he talked like that like she’d thrown him over for something better. But the truth is she couldn’t keep fighting off his advances and his puppy dog look each time she turned him down.
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10 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 12

  1. So good! Can’t wait for more. Please, please, please. Think his is going to be one of your best. I will probably read it a bunch of times

  2. Thus is coming together so good right now, please drop more.

  3. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  4. What is next?

  5. I can’t wait for the whole book

  6. That one chapter was way more exciting then the football game my son just subjected me to watch—more please.

  7. Please when will the whole story be released

  8. More please. Tim is trouble. Chase needs to swoop in and get her out of there. So loving this story.

  9. Tim really worries me. I hope he gets her out soon or she at least opens up about what is going on.

  10. Oh Yeah! Give More!

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