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Tennessee Heat Chapter 11

Even though he couldn’t see her, her face went up in flames. “Say something.” “I don’t know what to say.” And she didn’t. It was the first time he’d come right out and said it and she was at a loss for words. He was right about the other thing too.  She wouldn’t feel comfortable taking that kind of money from him, but still she found herself playing along. Caught up in the afterglow of what his words made her feel, and the dream of what-if. “Vanderbilt isn’t that far.” She felt a warm flush infuse her body as she laid back on her bed, twirling her hair between her fingers. The way she imagined any young girl in love would while talking to her sweetheart on the phone. “It’s four and a half hours, I checked.”

“You did?” That sent the warmth up a notch to incendiary and she got the biggest smile on her face at the thought of him going to the trouble to find that out. His voice went soft and dreamy as if he too was feeling it. “Of course I did. I did everything but make a dry run, and I was even tempted to do that.” For a little while she forgot about everything else and just let the soft monotone of his voice lull her into a dream state. She’d never had this before, never felt like she was someone else’s love interest.

And for it to be him, made it all the more special. As she listened to his voice the world around her disappeared. There were no broken down walls and cracked windows. No drugs being dealt just outside her door and definitely no unscrupulous thugs threatening her with bodily harm. In her little cocoon there was just the two of them. And for that little while she let herself believe that anything was possible. They talked about everything and anything and she found that it was much easier to talk to him on the phone than in person. She was a whole lot bolder with her questions, which he noticed and made mention of.

They spent a good two hours on the phone and she couldn’t believe how relaxed she felt by the time they were ready to hang up. She’d learned a little more about him and him her, but he could’ve stayed on the phone another two hours easy, if work didn’t intrude. “I have to go baby, work calls. Promise you’ll call if you need me.” Baby, he’d called her baby. That one little four-letter word made her feel ten feet tall while suffusing her body with heat. She swallowed around the lump in her throat, “I will.” They both breathed into the phone long after he was supposed to hang up. “Hang up babygirl.” She felt tears tease the edges of her eyes and had no idea why. “You first.” She looked up at the ceiling and begged not to make a fool of herself by blubbering. “No you.”
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7 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 11

  1. I am so loving this book. Its been so amazing and I can’t wait for the rest of the book.

  2. It is just so sweet and sad. I swear this is going to be my top fav

  3. I feel just as hopeful for her. But I’m still anxious for her safety. Can’t wait until Chase becomes the dominant alpha and swoops in to rescue his girl. So loving this story!

  4. This the softest you’ve written in a while

  5. Love it but annabelle needs to run before she is attacked I’m really worried about that

  6. Well Damn! Now You got me teary eyed, so sweet

  7. I can’t wait for the whole book loving this update so.much.. thanks mama

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