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Tennessee Heat Chapter 11

There were people sitting on their doorsteps in huddles, but no one was yelling or cussing for once as they watched the kids play tag in the street.

Some boys were playing ball, but they were way down at the other end of the street, so she couldn’t hear their usual revelry from where she was.   She sat, leaning her head on her hands, breathing in the fresh air and feeling a sense of peacefulness, which she was certainly not used to, but welcomed all the same.  She knew it was because of him. Somehow this new phase in their relationship made her feel… hopeful and filled her with a sense of impending joy.  Like she just might be standing on the precipice of something good. What would that be like? Could someone like her actually find happiness with someone like him? Or like everything else in her young life, will he too disappoint? When she realized that her thoughts were taking her down the same path as her mother, that the voice in her head was beginning to sound more and more like the cold bitter woman she feared becoming, she chided herself for spoiling her own mood and being such a downer. Just dream a little longer Annabelle, there’s nothing wrong with make believe. She smiled at herself and let the warmth envelope her, just for a little while longer.
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7 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 11

  1. I am so loving this book. Its been so amazing and I can’t wait for the rest of the book.

  2. It is just so sweet and sad. I swear this is going to be my top fav

  3. I feel just as hopeful for her. But I’m still anxious for her safety. Can’t wait until Chase becomes the dominant alpha and swoops in to rescue his girl. So loving this story!

  4. This the softest you’ve written in a while

  5. Love it but annabelle needs to run before she is attacked I’m really worried about that

  6. Well Damn! Now You got me teary eyed, so sweet

  7. I can’t wait for the whole book loving this update so.much.. thanks mama

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