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Tennessee Heat Chapter 11

She laughed, tickled by their little by-play. “We’ll do it together, on three,” he said. He did the countdown but neither of them followed the rules.

It took three more tries before he hung up and she kept the line open for another minute at least before hanging up herself. It felt almost like letting go when she did. She told herself not to get too attached, not to weave silly dreams in her head no matter what he said. Hadn’t men been promising women things like happily ever after since the beginning of time? But even as she scolded herself and her foolish heart, she couldn’t quite bring herself to give up on the thought that maybe, he was different. That just maybe, he truly did feel all those things for her as well. The things that she had been fighting for so long. To distract herself and keep from missing him too much after their call, she cleaned the kitchen and picked up around the house while her mother was gone and even treated herself to a nice bubble bath in the rusted old tub. 

She replayed the sound of his voice calling her baby and babygirl over and over again in her head, each time a warm feeling creeping closer and closer to her heart. By the time she climbed out of the tub her skin was wrinkled and the water had gone cold. There wasn’t much for her to do since there was no TV to watch and she couldn’t concentrate on reading. So she did her nails and messed around with her hair some and before she knew it-it was evening already. Where had the time gone? It seemed with him on her mind the time just flew by.  She’d even forgotten her surroundings and that her life wasn’t anywhere near where she would like it to be. All because he’d called her baby. For once she fought off the negative thoughts that followed that little slice of happiness and was glad when her growling stomach interrupted her thoughts. She went to the kitchen to find something to eat, not even caring that the pickings were slim.

She made herself a sandwich and wolfed it down with a glass of milk that was just about to turn, before boredom set in. She walked around the apartment, going from room to room until she made herself dizzy. She was tempted to call him and picked up the phone a couple times to do just that, but in the end she chickened out. She still wasn’t that sure of herself yet, still didn’t know exactly where they stood. So instead, she opened the window in her room and sat on the bed with the curtain concealing her. She peeped around the curtain to the street and watched the sky as it changed from sunset to twilight.  The stars were just beginning to come out in the night sky and things seemed peaceful there for a change. There was hardly any breeze but it felt good to be able to look outside even if she didn’t dare step foot out of the house.
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7 thoughts on “Tennessee Heat Chapter 11

  1. I am so loving this book. Its been so amazing and I can’t wait for the rest of the book.

  2. It is just so sweet and sad. I swear this is going to be my top fav

  3. I feel just as hopeful for her. But I’m still anxious for her safety. Can’t wait until Chase becomes the dominant alpha and swoops in to rescue his girl. So loving this story!

  4. This the softest you’ve written in a while

  5. Love it but annabelle needs to run before she is attacked I’m really worried about that

  6. Well Damn! Now You got me teary eyed, so sweet

  7. I can’t wait for the whole book loving this update so.much.. thanks mama

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