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Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 8

“Just go get her now, or stay there until she wakes up. I don’t want her alone in there while her defenses are down.” “Don’t worry about it, I’m heading there now.” I hung up the phone feeling better.

*** NANA *** “Simon I gotta go see about my little grandbaby.” He moved away from my back where he’d been cuddling me after our early morning session. He’d have to sneak out of here soon before the sun comes up and everybody and their nosy ass mother would be out and about anyway. The last thing I need, is to have these people in my business. I’ve lived here damn near fifty years and they still see me as an outsider. If not for the fact that I have more money than all of them combined, I get the feeling that most of them wouldn’t even spit on me if I was on fire. “Moira, what in the Sam hill is going on around here lately? These last few days have been nothing but nonsense with you. You in some kinda trouble or what?” I snorted. “What kind of trouble can I possibly be in?” “I know you woman, when you get with the rest of those women in your little social group there’s no telling what hell you can get up to. I told you the last time they carted the whole lotta you off to jail. I can’t get to my pussy in jail. Keep your little ass quiet.”

I sighed in my soul. After years of being married to the man that I loved, the one man I thought I would always love even after he was gone, I’d met my Simon. That’s not exactly true. I’ve known him almost as long as I’ve lived here. He lost his wife not long after I lost my husband. In the years before that we were more than passing acquaintances since we lived so close and our children had gone to school together. But though I’d always found the rugged outdoorsman quite appealing to look at. I never once thought of cheating on my Henry. Henry was the complete opposite of Simon. Henry had a softer touch and treated me like a queen. Simon is a big ole ruffian and he treats me like a streetwalker he picked up for the night. I’ve already told my doctor to line me up all the pacemakers in the state just in case I need them, because I’m getting all the dick I can stand. Have mercy.

And when he says things to me like he just did, my panties just melt right off. I felt his fingers feeling around back there and closed up shop. “Simon Mackey you behave you hear. Or you won’t be getting anymore of this.” I giggled like a little girl when he nuzzled my neck and pressed his growing morning woody into my butt. I lifted my leg to give him what he was searching for. “Okay but make it quick.” “Good girl!”
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22 thoughts on “Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 8

  1. I love this story but I’m missing details chapters are off, would you put this in print would buy book love the story line.

  2. I’m so loving this story !! Can’t wait for more! Thank you!!!!!!

  3. On pins and needles waiting for more !!

  4. Love it, nana’s got it going on.Can’t wait for nana to lower the hammer on sonny and stirrup 1&2.Can’t wait for more.

  5. I’m confused I don’t see where all the comments are coming from. I K have read the chapters more than once and still confused.I don’t see any thing about stealing a farm and I thought childhood friend was now with emma.I have read everything you have written and could always follow,what the neck is going on.I hadn’t seen nana do or say a anything to help Lola. Is their another format I should be reading.Thank from lost.

    1. Are you scrolling all the way down to click on each page in the chapters?

  6. I need more. This story is so good. I like this Julian kid/guy.

  7. i wanna be like gran when I grow up

  8. I need more!!!

  9. I had a granny like that!

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