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Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 8

I reached my hand out and lightly ran my finger along her temple. She breathed in heavy but did not stir. I must’ve stood there for a good half hour just drinking her in, before getting the chair from her desk and moving it into the corner, in the dark. I set my alarm to vibrate in my pocket and settled down to sleep with my head on the back of the chair and my legs stretched out in front of me. 

I don’t know how long I was asleep when I heard it. I came awake fully at the sound with my eyes trained in the dark. The moonlight was long gone now and the room was in total darkness. There was just a flash of light when the door opened but it was quickly closed again. I adjusted my eyes so I could see as the figure moved towards the bed. I got ready to spring into action but at the same time Lola stirred on the bed and the figure ran out of the room.  In the little bit of light I was able to make out Emma and my heart fell to my toes. What the hell was she doing in here? And why didn’t my baby lock the door? And why hadn’t I checked? I didn’t go back to sleep at all after getting up to check on her, to make sure that freak hadn’t done anything to her in the dark. This new development changes things.  It’s one thing to think she’s being bullied with words, but what could be the reason for her being in her room that time at night? And if it wasn’t for something sinister, then why did she fly out of here when it looked like Lola was waking up?

It looks like I’m not going to be able to give her that time she seems to need. She’s going to have to get over her shit right quick. I don’t know what game the mother and daughter are playing, but it’s not good. I stayed awake the rest of the night just staring at the bed where she laid so innocently, unaware that her enemy had been that close. I got so pissed I could tear down the walls with my bare hands. If she’d touched her I’d have wrung her damn neck. I wanted to go drag her out of bed and ask her what the hell she was playing at, but that would open the door to too many questions. Plus I had a better way of finding out what I want to know. I hated to leave her when my alarm went off later that morning but I had no choice. I’d just cut my time down considerably, but I have to handle this right, to give her back some of what she thinks she lost when I left her and went away. I called her nana on my way out and told her what I’d seen. I knew she would be pissed, but since she lived separately there still wasn’t much she could do. I talked her out of confronting Emma and her mother before I had enough evidence to nail them.
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22 thoughts on “Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 8

  1. I love this story but I’m missing details chapters are off, would you put this in print would buy book love the story line.

  2. I’m so loving this story !! Can’t wait for more! Thank you!!!!!!

  3. On pins and needles waiting for more !!

  4. Love it, nana’s got it going on.Can’t wait for nana to lower the hammer on sonny and stirrup 1&2.Can’t wait for more.

  5. I’m confused I don’t see where all the comments are coming from. I K have read the chapters more than once and still confused.I don’t see any thing about stealing a farm and I thought childhood friend was now with emma.I have read everything you have written and could always follow,what the neck is going on.I hadn’t seen nana do or say a anything to help Lola. Is their another format I should be reading.Thank from lost.

    1. Are you scrolling all the way down to click on each page in the chapters?

  6. I need more. This story is so good. I like this Julian kid/guy.

  7. i wanna be like gran when I grow up

  8. I need more!!!

  9. I had a granny like that!

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