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Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 8

JULIAN *** Her room is on the second floor, and there might be an easier way to do this, but I wanted to relive at least part of our childhood. From the way she’s been acting I guess she thinks I forgot the way we used to be. I don’t see how she could think that, unless she never knew me at all, which I refuse to believe. I think it’s that stubbornness, that tough shell that I myself had helped her to grow that was the culprit. I looked up at the balcony that had seemed like climbing Everest to the boy I used to be. Once, when she was very sick, I think we were eleven then. I’d climbed the big magnolia tree outside her window onto the balcony outside her bedroom and snuck in.

I’d stayed up almost all night, listening for the door as I laid on the floor next to the bed, watching over her. Now I’m back to do the same with a few slight variations.  She’s not sick, but her heart and mind are in turmoil. And this time I won’t be sleeping on the floor next to her bed. But just like last time, she won’t even know that I’m there. Just as she hasn’t for the last six years. Her rooms had changed since those days. Nana had kept me up to date on the happenings over the years, so I knew that though I could still reach the balcony from the tree and the bedroom was relatively the same place, there had been walls knocked down and other rooms added.

So instead of the cute frilly room of the preteen, it was the bedroom suite of a budding adult. I’d seen pictures of course, but had never set foot inside until now. The wind had already started picking up outside when I made my way back to her house in the dark. It had been easy enough to walk my bike partway up the driveway, staying to the shadows. And hide it around back where it wouldn’t be found by the wrong person. Now here I stand for the last leg of this ill thought out plan. It’s been years since I climbed a tree and I stood beneath the old magnolia now, looking up in the moonlight before starting my trek up the trunk of the big old tree.

I didn’t have to worry about being seen because she had this whole wing of the house to herself with the others on the other side. Nana’s place was just behind hers but there was still no visibility from there either. I just had to worry about waking her up, which was not a problem. The girl sleeps like the dead. I jumped from the branch onto the balcony lightly before tackling the lock on the door. Every other time she’d have this open. Even when she doesn’t plan it she’s giving me trouble.
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22 thoughts on “Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 8

  1. I love this story but I’m missing details chapters are off, would you put this in print would buy book love the story line.

  2. I’m so loving this story !! Can’t wait for more! Thank you!!!!!!

  3. On pins and needles waiting for more !!

  4. Love it, nana’s got it going on.Can’t wait for nana to lower the hammer on sonny and stirrup 1&2.Can’t wait for more.

  5. I’m confused I don’t see where all the comments are coming from. I K have read the chapters more than once and still confused.I don’t see any thing about stealing a farm and I thought childhood friend was now with emma.I have read everything you have written and could always follow,what the neck is going on.I hadn’t seen nana do or say a anything to help Lola. Is their another format I should be reading.Thank from lost.

    1. Are you scrolling all the way down to click on each page in the chapters?

  6. I need more. This story is so good. I like this Julian kid/guy.

  7. i wanna be like gran when I grow up

  8. I need more!!!

  9. I had a granny like that!

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