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Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 7

But now I’m here and she won’t let me get close enough to take care of her. Not even Nana expected her to be this stubborn when it came to me, but I think I understand. When you love as strongly as we do, and for as long as we have, the hurt takes longer to mend. But it will mend. I’m giving myself one year to turn her around though. Hopefully, it will happen before then, but that’s all the time I’m willing to give her to get her shit together. To bring back the bright bubbly girl I fell in love with when I was ten. We’d been friends forever before then. Just your usual small southern town kids who caught tadpoles down by the stream in the summer and made our own fishing rods to sit out on the little pier behind her house.

Back then my family was barely middle class. My dad had his own mechanic shop that was doing okay and we were happy with our lot. One day Lola came in with her grandma, I had to be about six at the time, which would make her five and a half. I’d seen her at school a time or two, but even there and at that age, we didn’t move in the same circles. But that day in my dad’s shop, the barriers were down and me, and the curly haired blonde cherub became inseparable. No one understood our relationship at first. For one, she was the shyest thing on legs and at that age was still hiding behind her Nana’s skirt with a thumb in her mouth.

She wouldn’t speak above a whisper and her head was always down. I’d always been a gruff rough and tumble boy. But when I saw the little pink powder puff with the million curls around her head and those bright eyes that reminded me of the stars, even then I knew she was something special. It didn’t take me long to figure out why she was so shy, not after the first time I knocked Johnny Welch on his ass for calling her names and making her cry. Even at six and seven, I was a fighter. I’ve been fighting her battles since the day we met and I don’t see that ending anytime soon.

In the beginning, she was just my very best friend, we were six and five after all. But then one day, years later, something changed; something that I never expected and didn’t even know what it was at first. The day I gave her my whole heart was a good while after we met, maybe four years. I remember it well. We’d been playing in the old rowboat that used to be back there by the manmade lake and she’d skinned her knee on a piece of wood. These big fat tears came rolling down her cheeks and her lips trembled but she didn’t make a sound. I knew she was trying to be brave in front of me, showing me how tough she is. 
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19 thoughts on “Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 7

  1. I am loving this story, can’t wait to see what happens next!

  2. Not too hard on Julian. Save it for skank junior and senior

  3. Oh my word! Childhood Sweethearts!

  4. I hope Lola gives Julian a very hard time ! Taking up with the enemy is never a good thing !!

    1. I’m with you there. How I hope there will be handsome man for Lola.
      If Julian can be with another woman, why not Lola?
      That’s fair.

      1. Exactly

  5. Can’t wait for the drama.

  6. I can’t wait to read more. Its really good story can’t wait for shit to go down

  7. It’s really getting good ! Can’t wait to read the whole book ! More please ?

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