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Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 4


*** Damn, my baby can shop. She was in that damn place for almost four hours. At least she was smiling when she came out the doors. I watched as she and her friend laughed together while they packed her loot in the trunk of her little roadster. I waited for her car to leave the lot before getting up from my seat at the little coffee place across the way where I’d been waiting for her to get done. I’d been almost tempted to go in after her a time or two, but it was too soon. I put away my laptop in the messenger style bag and dropped it across my shoulders, dropped some bills on the table to cover the tip, grabbed my helmet and headed for my bike.  I didn’t want to ride too close behind her, but I knew where she was headed or where she was supposed to be headed. Plus the little tracker I’d slapped under her car would tell me where to go if she got away from me.

As long as I see her car in her mom’s driveway I’d know that she was home safe and that’s all I needed for now. The fact that I’m going to miss her the rest of the day was something I was getting used to now. I knew what my evening was going to look like. A long stretch of loneliness. I’d lucked out finding a place to rent that was in between her mom’s place and her dad’s. So if she made any unexpected moves, I was never too far behind.  Though it was getting damn hard to keep from giving myself away. Not many bikers in town. Maybe it was time I invested in a car, but I hate to drive. Oh well! Usually she stayed home most of the time, even though it’s summer and school is out. I’d followed her to Miami that one week when she went there with her friend and her family, but other than that, she’s been quiet, a home body. Like she’s always been. But here lately, she’s been restless, can’t stay one place. I wasn’t sure if that had anything to do with me being back, or if there was something else going on. 

The last time she almost ran me over I’d asked that crazy one if something was going on at home, pretending an interest in her wellbeing of course. She’d given me a little more insight into the way things were in that house and it had only made me more determined than ever to get my girl out of there as soon as possible and get her the hell away from this town. It’s not that the town was a bad place, but it wasn’t for her. There was too much chaos surrounding her here, and the girl I know was never too good with that. 
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21 thoughts on “Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 4

  1. I need more it’s so good

  2. This is going to be so good I cant wait for more. I know I am about to be in for some laughs

  3. I See We Have A Stalker In The Making! Yassssss

  4. Omg this is awesome I need more

  5. OMG love it!!!!!!

  6. Love the story. I see a potential Mandy in this step sister shit. Julian must put on his big boy pants and be a man to Lola. As always a pleasure reading your fantastic stories

    1. Yasssss!!!!!!

  7. I love the story but very confused now. I was hoping Julian’s insight would clear things up to some degree but it’s left me more confused.
    He’s been seeing things for the past year and waited to come back to get her?
    Why is he waiting to apologize and share what’s in his heart? Why carry on with her nemesis?
    What does he mean that he’s supposed to survive this for another year? He’s planning to play this subterfuge for the entire school year?

  8. Omg ! Sooo good!!! As usual … NEED MORE

  9. This is so good Julian if you know she is sad don’t date her ugly and evil stepsister even if you are pretending to keep her safe

  10. I’m loving this one

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