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Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 3

I wiped the tears that I hadn’t been aware of shedding and answered Jackie’s knock brightly. “Did you exchange them? Let me see.” I opened the door long enough to grab the fresh clothes she’d brought and it wasn’t long before we got caught up in one of our sparring matches. Something else about me that have changed is my sense of style. I used to love flowers and flounces way too much for someone with my body shape.  My ass should not go anywhere near a flounce or a flower, but the new stretch jeans she brought me did look fine when I tried them on. I felt a little spark of interest when I turned around in the mirror. Jacks does have an eye for what suits me. 

Thank heaven she’s not like other catty girls in this town. Who’d try to make me look stupid. Far from it. Jacks, is super protective and she’d be the first one to tell me if something didn’t suit me or if it did.  She’d tell me get my fat ass out of something quick. But if anyone else dares to use that word in my presence she’d wrestle them to the ground in a headlock. That’s my girl I ran my hand over the expensive logo on the pocket of the new jeans and admired my shapely curves. “What other colors do they have these jeans in?” “Just that dark blue and a lighter one. Why you want me to grab you some more?” “Yes please.” I heard her hissed ‘yes’ and grinned.

By the time we left the little shopping strip I had way more stuff than I’d planned on buying thanks to her, and was feeling a lot better about things. Not that clothes and a few new pairs of shoes are all it takes to put a smile on my face. Far from it. But there was nothing I could do about any of the things that were bothering me right now, so why let them get me down? Besides, I’ve been down too much these last couple of years, it was high time I pulled myself out of the doldrums. And nothing takes care of that better than a successful shopping trip. Even Jacks was grinning from ear to ear. A new phenomenon after one of our shopping sprees.  That’s because this was the first time I’d let her talk me into buying everything she’d chosen for me instead of making her put back most of her suggestions.

We were both laden down with packages as we headed to my car. “How’s your mom doing? Any better?” She bumped my shoulder as we walked along. This girl knows me too well. How did she know that my mind had wandered to my mama? Maybe because it always does these days. And as my best friend she’s aware of my innermost thoughts and fears. Mom had indeed taken to her bed after the last sneak attack, until her lawyers convinced her only this morning that dad was just blowing a lot of smoke. 
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8 thoughts on “Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 3

  1. Why has’my Lola decided to get in shape after two yrs and get her revenge on Emma instead of over eating from the sound of shopping trip,she doesn’t need to anorexic but can’t get the body working.Keep sas but lose the fat unless my visual is all wrong.Because right now I’m not visualizing what you may mean to put across.So I need more of what Lola looks like Sorry I,m a visual person.

  2. Omg! I love it!

  3. That Heifer Emma Gotta Go Damn It!!!

  4. This is freakin’ great!

  5. Oooohhhhh, this Emma heifer is going to make me cut her. I think that i already hate her more than Mandy!!

  6. Oh this is sooo goood!

  7. Omg , these teasers are so good. But killing me at the same time only getting a little here and there…….

  8. I so want to read this fully I see that Emma is another mandy let’s hope her outcome will be the same I hope all the money is nanas the father is a sick too hope he gets his comeuppance need to know more about the guy to know if he is protecting lola by dating Emma I have so many questions sorry momma but please release this I’m obsessed

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