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Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 3

“If I try them they’ll have to be a size larger, those things would give me a humpback whale not a camel toe.” She shook her head and went to search for a different size while I closed the door to the dressing room with the new handful of clothes she’d just brought me.  We’d already shopped for her the week before. It’s the only way we can preserve our friendship if we shop for each other on separate occasions. It makes sense since she’s half my size and there’s nothing in those places that I can fit my big toe into. I hate shopping even for myself, but the two of us have done this every school year since we were twelve. Of course our mothers used to come with back then, but not since we both turned sixteen. She was the only one I could lean on during the dreadful divorce, the only friend I’ve had these past six years after the one I’d had all my life…. Nope, not gonna go there. Why does my mind keep going back there? It had been years since I thought about those days. But now, ever since he’s been back I can’t get away from memories of our childhood spent together. Maybe because I didn’t have time to prepare for his return.

In the years since he’s been gone I didn’t hear a peep. No contact on social media when that became a thing. Though I’m not a big presence there anyway, but still, he never even tried. He’d just turned up one day, out of the blue and the whole town was abuzz like some superstar had landed. I’d made up my mind right away to ignore him, not to give him so much as a wayward glance. He didn’t deserve it after all.  But the one time I’d blown him off he’d acted like it didn’t matter. And to make it all worst, he had to go and get involved with Emma, the bane of my existence. I could’ve killed him, and have a million times in my imagination. I may have given in and talked to him after the first time I snubbed him, but he never gave me the chance. Within days of him moving back here the two of them were an item. I still don’t know how that happened. I didn’t even realize I’d taken a seat on the little bench in the changing room, until Jackie knocked on the door sometime later. It broke me out of my misery and I shook it off.  No one must know how my heart had been broken for the second time. Or how it was killing me to see those two together. The pain was almost indescribable.

I knew that had he chosen to be with anyone else, the pain would not have been so bad. But because it was her, because I knew what she was like. I knew she didn’t deserve the boy he used to be. But maybe he’d changed. R.I.P. I guess.
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8 thoughts on “Adventures of The Golden Princess Chapter 3

  1. Why has’my Lola decided to get in shape after two yrs and get her revenge on Emma instead of over eating from the sound of shopping trip,she doesn’t need to anorexic but can’t get the body working.Keep sas but lose the fat unless my visual is all wrong.Because right now I’m not visualizing what you may mean to put across.So I need more of what Lola looks like Sorry I,m a visual person.

  2. Omg! I love it!

  3. That Heifer Emma Gotta Go Damn It!!!

  4. This is freakin’ great!

  5. Oooohhhhh, this Emma heifer is going to make me cut her. I think that i already hate her more than Mandy!!

  6. Oh this is sooo goood!

  7. Omg , these teasers are so good. But killing me at the same time only getting a little here and there…….

  8. I so want to read this fully I see that Emma is another mandy let’s hope her outcome will be the same I hope all the money is nanas the father is a sick too hope he gets his comeuppance need to know more about the guy to know if he is protecting lola by dating Emma I have so many questions sorry momma but please release this I’m obsessed

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